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Thursday, February 20, 2020

One Piece: 9 Characters Who Have No Devil Fruit Powers (Who Will Get Them Later On)

The world of One Piece is one whose aesthetic can only be described as if Pee-Wee's Playhouse wanted to fight someone. At the heart of the world's magic systems is its beloved Devil Fruits, a strand of not-so-delicious plant life who can grant their users incredible powers at a single bite but at the sacrifice of their swimming ability.
With them, anything (even inanimate objects) have been known to control the elements, transform into magnificent animals, and whatever being a Paramecia means. Despite a lot of people in the series already having Devil Fruits, there's still plenty more room in the club, with the next Devil Fruit user only limited by their proximity to a fruit bowl. This list will be looking at some of the series' more human characters (relatively speaking), as it ascertains who is a future Devil Fruit user.


Bepo as a character already has a lot going for him. He is the brother to Zepo, an old member of the Nox Pirates and the deceased partner to Pedro, and the entrusted navigator and essentially first mate of the Heart Pirates. As a member of the Mink Tribe, he is a humanoid mammal who's assumedly capable of the Mink electro as well as their beastly strength.
He also appears plenty adept at kung fu. As talented and varied as he is, he is still considered one of the weaker characters within the grand scope of the Grand Line and, as the trusted second to Trafalgar Law, could use the extra insurance policy of having a Devil Fruit, possibly one that can improve upon his map drawing skills.


Cyborg Franky is the eccentric engineer and shipwright of the Straw Hat pirates whose imagination seemingly has no bounds for innovation. Knowing that it does make sense that the man known as "Cyborg" has increasingly less regard for the sanctity of his own body.
As a pervert and kid who should've died long ago, Franky has been incredibly cavalier about giving his body a variety of changes and improvements. The prospect of a Devil Fruit must be incredibly tantalizing to a man who dedicated an entire button on his body to just changing his hairstyle.


Nami is a tough cookie in this instance. While she is a human character, she already possesses great abilities with her Clima-Tact, a wondrous device that grants her weather bending abilities that already rival Devil Fruit abilities. However, as powerful as this has been, Nami has shown time and again that she is no more invulnerable and prepared for the dangers of the New World as she was before the time skip.
She may be a better navigator, but Nami still seems all too insignificant to the world changing and destroying figures that line the armies of the Emperors. As someone who could also use a Devil Fruit to shake more money from her opponents and shipmates, Nami would probably be open to the decadence of a Devil Fruit.


Jesus Burgess is the helmsman and most active fighter (whether Teach likes it or not) of the Blackbeard Pirates. He's used his own natural strength to take on a variety of strong fighters, going as far as to single-handedly dominate his block in the Corrida Colosseum. It is during that time on Dressrosa that Burgess has expressed a clear interest in getting his own Devil Fruit.
With it, his already incredible strength would be significantly multiplied. He could not only be a more terrifying champion but also possibly exact revenge (if he hasn't already) on the Revolutionary Chief-of-Staff, Sabo.


There's a lot riding on Princess Vivi's shoulders. As the heir to the Alabasta Kingdom, an outspoken figure for peace over war, and a possible target of the hidden, higher-ups of the World Government, Vivi is a defining voice in the world whose capacity to invoke real change kind of hinges on her own personal ability to not die.
While she did seem to be a capable agent in Baroque Works, there are obviously greater and more overwhelming dangers that could be hiding in her streets and even her walls. As one of the most important princesses and a beloved fan favorite, Vivi, more than ever, needs the crazy powers capable of handling the crazy world before her.


While the next generation of pirates is already drawing near, it's never too early to think of the distant generations of villainy to come. One of the most promising figures that may come of it is Capone Pez, the baby boy of Capone "Gang" Bege and Charlotte Chiffon. As the heir for Bege's empire of destruction, Pez already has a vast army and armory waiting for him.
However, he also has Big Mom's DNA running through him, meaning that destructive, hungry energy could also be sneaking up on future generations. It only makes sense that, given his bloodline's history with Devil Fruits and destructive power, Pez would be a clear candidate for the forbidden fruit.


On the note of the future generation of brutes and adventurers, if the rumors about Makino and Shanks are true, then Makino's baby has a really promising future in the One Piece world. It is a rarity in the One Piece world that the offspring of pirates don't, in turn, also become pirates.
And with a possible, not confirmed (but essentially confirmed) father in Shanks, Makino's baby is held at a higher pedestal to be an exciting and powerful adventurer of the sea. To give the young gun a special, Luffy-esque head start, it would be hilarious if the child were to also accidentally eat a Devil Fruit under Shanks' watch.


Tashigi was a promising figure early on in the series. As the doppelganger (possibly amnesiac personality) of Roronoa Zoro's childhood friend Kuina, Tashigi seemed primed to be a threatening rival to Zoro's climb to become the world's greatest swordsmen. Her exact showing, however, has left a lot to be desired.
While not exactly a weakling, Tashigi is far from the highest of the sword fighting ranks, with her greatest feat being deflecting a single cannonball. Zoro's kind of been doing stuff like that since at least Ennies Lobby. As a promising sword fighter and the second to Vice Admiral Smoker, Tashigi is probably gonna get the boost of a Devil Fruit to reassert herself in the conversation.


There's a lot about Koby that just screams that he's gonna get a Devil Fruit power. He was a weakling early on in the series who, with hard work, built himself up in the Marine ranks yet still lags far behind his pirate rival, Luffy. He also aspires to become an Admiral, a league of Marine superpowers who are infamous for their landscape changing, Devil Fruit abilities.
To really boost his role, especially with the final battle and grand finale drawing near, Koby will most likely enter the ending dialogues with a new, fancy Devil Fruit helping him withstand Worst Generation and Emperor alike.

One Piece: 10 Devil Fruit User Vs Non Devil Fruit User Matchups & Who Would Win

One Piece may be an epic adventure of pirates, treasure, and dreams; but at the end of the day, it is printed in the most famous battle shounen magazine of all time, and it does have to pay its dues every now and then. The series in particular is host to a variety of exciting and high concept fights that range from close, intense martial arts bouts to magical battles between gods.
Those most well-equipped to win battles are those with Devil Fruits, the series' premiere magic system and a powerful utility to those who wield it. However, the series has shown plenty of strong figures who didn't partake of the forbidden fruit, and many of them have more than held their own in this world. This list will be speculating on a few key fights that would pose Devil Fruit users against non-Devil Fruit users and guessing who exactly would win.


The final battle between the Straw Hats and the Marines is a long awaited one. Ever since the 17th opening of the anime, fans hungered and speculated on the potential battle between two of the best kickers in the series: the Straw Hats' resident cook, "Black Leg" Sanji, and the ironically slow speaking Admiral Kizaru.
This battle will be a true test of speed, strength, and Sanji's own ability to read the future to compensate in a fight against a guy literally traveling at the speed of light. When it comes down to the final winner, Kizaru will most likely just be a stepping stone for the man aiming to defend the King of the Pirates.


Adding to the long awaited battles between the pirates and the authorities, the prospective clash between Roronoa Zoro and Admiral Fujitora is too tantalizing to give up. Not only is Fujitora a powerful sword fighter to parallel Zoro, but he was also an ex-bounty hunter to parallel against the East Blue's infamous "Pirate Hunter."
This battle would see the three-sword style and teachings of Hawkeye Mihawk go up against the blind ambition and gravity manipulating abilities of the Marine's quiet tiger. However, once again, the win will most likely go the Straw Hat whose current skills are not only appearing exceptional but are also in straight trajectory to face someone a little higher than Fujitora.


In an epic clash between the liar and the clown, Usopp would have to utilize his full arsenal to take on the glorious pirate legend's own wits and luck. Both are incredible liars who can bend the wills of dumber folk around them while fending off their own foes by themselves using all manner of trickery.
Though Usopp may have a tough time actually hitting the living, floating carnival, Buggy's feet are too obvious of targets for the clever Usopp to give up, giving the more "human" between the two an easy opportunity for attack. Ascending to a level higher than even God Usopp, the Straw Hats' sniper is taking this one.


This would be a fated battle between generational, female parallels. Nami is the aide to Monkey D. Luffy, and Tsuru is the colleague to Monkey D. Garp. If the Straw Hats were to clash with the Marines, Nami would probably be entrusted to circumvent the watchful eye of the tactful veteran, though Tsuru would be far too clever to be tricked by Nami's sneaking and trickery.
For Nami, this would also be a more advanced rehash of her battle against Kalifah, as Tsuru's Wash Wash Fruit is a more advanced version of the super agent's Bubble Bubble Fruit. Though she's fighting someone much more experienced and dangerous, this fight would also just be a major stepping stone for the Straw Hats.


This is a battle that has been drawing near that just has fans asking, "Can Koby really do this?" With the Warlords having been disbanded as of the Reverie, Boa Hancock is now an enemy of the World Government, and the Marines have been quick with their initial attack. One of the soldiers in charge of taking on Hancock, however, happens to be Koby.
Though he is a rising star within the Marines whose steadily been mastering Haki, Boa Hancock comes from an elite race of literal Amazons who has an overpowered Devil Fruit ability. When it comes down to it, Koby may possibly not turn to stone, but he'll probably leave with plenty of heel marks on his face. Winner: Boa Hancock.


It's hard to imagine prospective battles for the first mate of the Roger Pirates. But as the elderly master to the Shounen protagonist, Rayleigh is destined to fight in a deathly battle against one of the series' lead villains. The top pirate villain right now just happens to be Marshall D. Teach himself.
As an Emperor on the literal hunt for Rayleigh's student, Blackbeard is bound to get Rayleigh's attention. The battle between these two would be an interesting bout between the modern generation trying to usurp the previous one and the older generation trying to preserve and avenge its legacy. However, though Rayleigh is strong, Blackbeard has black holes and an entire arsenal of Devil Fruits at his side. He'll turn Rayleigh into character development fodder for Luffy.


This is the dream battle that fans are wishing would've happened. The sanctity of Wano and Oden's status as shogun have been stolen and sabotaged by Kurozumi Orochi. Unable to circumvent Orochi's guard, Oden was forced to humiliate himself to at least guarantee the safety of his people. However, even that wouldn't be enough to stop all the evils of Orochi's reign.
The battle between the two would be pure catharsis. Orochi is coward whose only strengths is relying upon others, with his Devil Fruit being a symbolic target for those wanting to take his head multiple times. If this battle were to happen one-on-one, Kozuki Oden would be the winner.


There's already a lot to suggest that Jinbei would lose here. Big Mom is an Emperor of the Sea whose army easily passed the ranks of the Fishman Pirates in their attempt to buy the Straw Hats time after Whole Cake Island. However, in a one-on-one battle, Jinbei may pose a more significant threat. Not one to fear Big Mom, Jinbei is immune to her Soul Soul Fruit.
He also has incredible strength and the water bending talents of Fishman Karate, a major threat against a Devil Fruit user. Despite this, Big Mom is still a beastly giant who can still use her powers to control the weather, land, and seas. While it would be a noble effort, Big Mom was probably win.


If there was ever real descent within the Marines, one can bet that Garp would take it as an opportunity to aim straight at the head of the corrupted regime. Not only do the philosophies and demeanors differ greatly between the two, Akainu is also responsible for killing one of Garp's adopted sons, Ace.
Furious at the man who took a member of his family and angry at the system that facilitated it, Garp would battle Akainu in a duel between Marine generations. However, being younger and also made of hot lava, Akainu would take this as an opportunity to step beyond the legacy of the previous generation and add more character development to Luffy.


This one has been heavily suggested during the events of Marineford but has never been fully shown on screen or admitted by anyone. While Shanks is a rising star among the Emperors, Kaido is the most active and dangerous member of them whose very legacy hinges on him being a sure thing in one-on-one battles.
Shanks on the other hand, despite being a legacy of the Roger Pirates and an old rival of Mihawk, has had his legacy diminished by his missing arm. Assuming that Shanks' entire crew could only stop Kaido, Kaido would most likely win in an actual fight.