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    Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the long-running One Piece manga and his journey sees him set out to sea in search of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger's treasure, the One Piece. Luffy is often considered to be dull-witted, which while true in some cases, doesn't always apply to his character. Since the beginning of the story, Luffy is shown to have a keen understanding of people.

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    The Straw Hat Pirates are a crew led by Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece and a fearsome pirate of the Worst Generation who hails from the East Blue. Luffy aims to be the King of the Pirates, and while his crew dedicates their lives to see him accomplish this dream, they also have dreams of their own.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

One Piece: Predicting The Top 10 Pirate Bounties After The Wano Arc

The Wano war is all but set to be the biggest known war in the world of One Piece to date, possibly surpassing even the likes of Marineford. The war sees the Samurai of Wano team up with the Straw Hat Pirates and some other allies to take down Kaido's Beasts Pirates who rule over Wano, along with Big Mom.

With the Dawn of Wano being on the horizon, the war is likely going to result in victory for Luffy and his people. As with every arc, new bounty increases will likely be issued to several pirates once everything is over.

10 Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is the Combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the strongest swordsmen in the story. He aims to defeat Mihawk and become the strongest swordsman in the world.

Being Luffy's strongest subordinate, Zoro is bound for greatness in the Wano Country arc. If he goes on to fight the likes of King, Zoro will likely get a bounty of over 1 billion berries, and something around 1.4 billion berries.

9 Edward Weevil

Weevil is the self-proclaimed son of Edward Newgate and a former Shichibukai. He's said to be one of the most powerful characters in the One Piece world, with Kizaru comparing his power to the likes of Whitebeard in his younger days.

Now that he's no longer a Shichibukai, Weevil will definitely get a big bounty. Keeping his reputation and danger in mind, something around the 1.6 billion berries mark would be ideal for him.

8 Eustass Kid

The captain of the Kid Pirates, Eustass Kid is an incredibly strong character who is playing a big role in the Wano Country arc, just like Luffy and Law. His current bounty is about 470 million berries, however, after taking on Kaido in a fight, it'll likely become much bigger.

Kid, being one of the main players, will likely get major credit after the war of Wano wraps up. A bounty of 2 billion berries seems adequate for Eustass Kid once everything is dealt with.

7 Trafalgar Law

The leader of the Heart Pirates, Law hails from North Blue and is one of the most important characters in the story right now. Like Kid, Law is one of the Worst Generation members and he currently has a bounty of 500 million berries. Law is the catalyst for the War of Wano and the person who 'broke the gears.'

He's also going to play a big role in the fight against Kaido and gain a huge bounty increase after everything is done. Law's bounty is predicted to be around 2.2 billion berries.

6 Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is the Empress of Amazon Lily and one of the former Shichibukai. She's an incredibly powerful character who got a bounty of 80 million berries after a single voyage with the Kuja Pirates, which just goes to show her level of fighting prowess.

Hancock is one of the very few Shichibukai who weren't scared or intimated by the Navy approaching them as she had full confidence in her abilities. Her newly evaluated bounty will likely be about 2.5 billion berries.

5 Marco

Marco the Phoenix is the former right-hand man of the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard. He led the First Division of the crew and has proved time and again that he's an incredibly strong character.

Marco was considered to be strong enough to stop Blackbeard from becoming a Yonko, which just goes to show how fearsome he truly is. His bounty will likely increase after Wano to around 2.6 billion berries.

4 Dracule Mihawk

Mihawk is a lone pirate who was a member of the Shichibukai until recently, just like Hancock. He is the world's strongest swordsman and although little is known about him, he is bound to be incredibly powerful.

He, too, wasn't scared of any of the Navy officers coming to capture him once his Shichibukai status was revoked, which means he is quite confident in his abilities. Mihawk's skill and reputation could give him a bounty of about 2.7 billion berries.

3 Luffy

The Fifth Emperor of the Sea, Luffy is the focus of the War of Wano Country and the man who'll likely make the biggest name for himself once all is done. Currently, Luffy has amassed a bounty of 1.5 billion berries, which is only going to shoot up further.

After the Wano war is done, Luffy could even be considered as one of the Yonko, and since two of the Four Emperors are involved in the arc, Luffy's bounty could shoot up to 3.5 billion berries.

2 Shanks

Shanks is one of the Yonko of the Sea who rose to this position four years before the beginning of One Piece. Being a Yonko, his strength is unparalleled and he's strong enough to take on any other power in the world.

He already has a bounty of over 4 billion berries, which could increase even further if, by some means, he gets involved in the Wano Country war.

1 Blackbeard

A Yonko with a bounty of 2.2 billion berries, Blackbeard is an unstoppable force that keeps on growing stronger with time. He's likely going to be the biggest villains in the entire series, and just like Luffy, he'll eventually rise to the top, although in a very different manner.

Blackbeard is already on the move and could end up getting the last laugh at Wano as well. If that happens, his bounty could very well shoot over 4 billion berries. We predict it to be about 4.5 billion berries.


One Piece: 5 Characters Who Will Surpass Blackbeard (& 5 Who Won't)

One Piece is etching closer and closer to the end of another brilliant arc. The strongest fighters have started to appear more frequently, and there's no doubt that towards the end audiences will get to see even more powerful characters. So far only two Yonko remain uninvolved.

One is Shanks and the other is Blackbeard. Blackbeard is undoubtedly the end of the series villain and he will appear during the final arc. He is in possession of two Devil Fruits, which makes him the only person to have accomplished such a thing. Not many characters have a chance of supplanting him. Here are five characters who will surpass Blackbeard in the future and five who won't.


Arguably the most ruthless Supernova, Kid made a name for himself and earned himself a massive bounty. He is not afraid to challenge people who are way stronger than him. In that sense, he resembles Luffy quite a lot.

Kid's full power remains to be seen, but audiences will definitely see it before the end of Wano. He has managed to injure a Sweet Commander, which is an incredible feat. Kid's Devil Fruit is quite unique and he possesses Conqueror's Haki as well; he has got what it takes to surpass Blackbeard.


King is the strongest fighter in the Animal Kingdom Pirates after Kaido himself. He is an All-Star; he is respected by everyone within the crew. King possesses the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon, which is an Ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

King can take on most of the fighters in the series and come out on top, however, Blackbeard is in a league of his own. As powerful of a character as he is, King will never beat Blackbeard.


Luffy is the main protagonist of One Piece and one of the few characters who can use all three types of Haki. He possesses the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Luffy's bounty has already eclipsed the 1 Billion mark and the series isn't even finished.

Luffy has continued to train his Haki even at Wano because, in his first tussle versus Kaido, he couldn't do any damage to the Yonko. Luffy has got a long way to before he can challenge Blackbeard, but it's very obvious that he'll be the stronger character by the end.


X-Drake is one of the Tobi Roppo and has infiltrated the Animal Kingdom Pirates for the sake of a secret mission. X-Drake ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus, but he has yet to be involved in a major fight after the time-skip.

X-Drake was beaten up by Kizaru at Sabaody Archipelago. He may end up becoming an Admiral, but that is as far as he is likely to go. An Admiral's level is way below that of Blackbeard.


Law is a part of the Worst Generation. He ate the Ope Ope no Mi, which is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants him incredulous abilities. It bypasses Haki as seen in Law's fight versus Vergo.

The creation of ROOMs is another ability of Law's Devil Fruit, and he can manipulate each and every thing inside these spaces. He could very possibly dethrone Blackbeard and his Devil Fruit will have a major role to play.


Aokiji left the Marines when he was beaten by Akainu at Punk Hazard. He established a connection with the Blackbeard Pirates after his loss. Aokiji has a very powerful Devil Fruit, and his association with the Blackbeard Pirates has made them even stronger than before.

Blackbeard is a Yonko, and for the time being, he can only be defeated by a handful of characters. Aokiji is by no means a weak character, but he is not quite at a high enough level to challenge Blackbeard.


The most wanted man in the world is still a bit of an enigma. The leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon's powers remain a mystery, but it should not be too long before they are explored in more depth.

It is fairly logical to assume that Monkey D. Dragon will prove to be close to the level of a Yonko since he is the leader of a group filled with powerful fighters.


Basil Hawkins joined the Animal Kingdom Pirates when Kaido surprised his group by crashing on their base. He possesses the Wara Wara no Mi, which allows him to create and manipulate straw. Basil Hawkins is a headliner for Kaido's crew, but he is not among the strongest fighters.

Hawkins can deflect the damage that he takes to other people; it is a handy ability but it has its own limit. Hawkins' doesn't have the potential or the skill to surpass Blackbeard.


Currently, Smoker holds the position of a Vice-Admiral, but he is a big contender for the position of Fleet Admiral. In the story, Smoker is more of a rival to Luffy than Koby, who has a long way to go to challenge the Straw Hat pirate.

Smoker has clashed against Luffy several times and has come to respect him as a person. Smoker has been involved in some top-secret missions for the Navy and he has shown the qualities of a great leader.


Sabo is the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army and Luffy's sworn brother. Sabo showed his fighting prowess during the Dressrosa arc. He ate the Mera Mera no Mi, which granted him the ability to create and manipulate fire.

Sabo managed to fight toe-to-toe against Fujitora. He is easily an Admiral-level character, but that's about it. He won't be able to push himself to surpass someone like Blackbeard.


One Piece: 5 Villains With The Most Tragic Backgrounds (& 5 We Don't Know Enough About Yet)

By now, pretty much everyone knows that Oda is an expert craftsman with regards to weaving backstories. Whether happy, mild, or tragic, all kinds of backstories one can think of are within Oda's area of expertise and, by extension, One Piece. With that being said, even though Oda does possess the skill to create a masterpiece of background for most relevant characters, sometimes he chooses not to.

When a character’s tragic past is revealed, they are put in the spotlight. Fans will find it easier to comprehend their motives, understand them on a deeper level, and sympathize with the villains – emotions a creator might not want a fan to have for a bad guy. That said, there are indeed villains in One Piece with pasts that are relatively tragic; they are just a few and far between.

10 Tragic Backstory: Brulee

Brulee’s backstory is much lighter in comparison to most of the tragic backstories in One Piece. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make it any less tragic. Big Mom raises her children as assets rather than actual children. It’s like a wilderness where the strong feasts on the weak.

The weak kids would be deemed useless; peasants for the stronger kids to practice their authority on. Brulee was a victim of such intense bullying and the scar on her face was the aftermath.

9 Unknown: Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci and his gang of CP9 were a major hurdle on the journey of the Straw Hats. During their showdown against the agents, each of the Straw Hats experienced a meaningful upgrade or two. It can’t be stressed enough just how vital the Enies Lobby Arc was to the future development of the main characters.

Rob Lucci, alongside his colleagues, fought and fell as a CP9 agent. Fans learned almost nothing of value with regard to his past.

8 Tragic Backstory: Arlong

Even though Arlong’s past was revealed after the timeskip, it wasn’t enough to excuse whatever dirty actions he committed. Yes, it did garner him sympathy, but that was the extent of it.

Arlong sailed alongside Fisher Tiger prior to the latter’s departure. Abroad Fisher's ship, he was exposed to many dirty and racist remarks from humans. The last straw that pushed Arlong to the dark side was Fisher Tiger’s tragic demise.

7 Unknown: Crocodile

Out of all the major villains, Crocodile’s unknown past seems to be the most intriguing. It still remains the subject of many fan theories, both viable and hilariously far-fetched ones. To put it into perspective, his past was so extreme that Ivankov used it to tie his hands back during Impel Down.

Hopefully, fans get the full details of his backstory before the series’ end, otherwise, it would be a big bummer.

6 Tragic Backstory: Big Mom

There are two kinds of tragic backstories in One Piece. The first involves many layers of sadness and this type of backstory usually tends to humanize the character in question. E.g: Brook’s backstory.

The other kind is where the recipient is painted as a monster; Big Mom is a good example of this. Her true origins are unknown, yet they seem extremely mysterious. All we know about her is her tragic and sad past with Mother Carmel and the Sheep House orphanage.

5 Unknown: Akainu

A grand villain such as Akainu needs no backstory to highlight his villainy. In all likelihood, the audience will get nothing worthy of sympathy regarding Akainu and his past; that would just conflict with the Fleet Admiral's depiction so far.

If anything, it is more likely that One Piece will present some sort of backstory that further fuels the hate fans have for Akainu. That seems to be the role that Oda intends for him.

4 Tragic Backstory: Senior Pink

Senior Pink’s infamous past is a prime example of Oda’s amazing skills as a mangaka and storyteller. He, a seemingly irrelevant minor villain, became a fan-favorite antagonist after the reveal of his short, few panels-long backstory.

This also proves that if Oda gave most of his villains a tragic backstory, they’ll cease to be villains in the fans’ eyes. His skills are simply that terrifying.

3 Unknown: Blackbeard

Blackbeard, along with his crew, is another major hurdle the Straw Hats will have to face sooner or later. Blackbeard is one of the few characters that Luffy shows visible disgust to.

At the moment, everything about Blackbeard and his past remains a mystery. Audiences have only been shown a short panel about his youth, and that was the extent of it. More info will most likely be made available later on in the series.

2 Tragic Backstory: Doflamingo

Doflamingo’s flashbacks serve as both a means to humanize and de-humanize him. His fall from grace, retaliation against his father, and his debut to villainy were perfectly sequenced to highlight his progressive transformation from a rage-fueled child to a rage-fueled adult.

The events of Dressrosa are most likely not the end of his story either. The return of this Heavenly Demon cannot come soon enough, and it will likely be incredible.

1 Unknown: Kaido

Out of all the Yonko, Kaido is undoubtedly the one audiences know the least about. Fans are in the dark about anything concerning him besides the fact that he used to be a member of the Rocks Pirates. The story has focused almost exclusively on Kaido's time in Wano Country, while also establishing the character's goal to start a huge war.

With that being said, One Piece will most likely provide the answers fans seek sometime soon in the currently ongoing Wano Arc.


Saturday, August 29, 2020

One Piece: 10 Things That Prove Zoan Is The Most Underrated Devil Fruit Class

Zoan is one of the three main Devil Fruit types in the One Piece world that grant amazing powers to those who eat them but takes away their ability to swim, just like every other class. These Devil Fruits grant the power to transform into a different species to a user, drastically increasing their combat prowess.

Zoans are often considered to the least intriguing type of all the classes by some, however, this class of fruits is incredible in its own way. Here are 10 things that prove Zoans are an underrated Devil Fruit class.

10 Most Sub-types

When it comes to Sub-types, Zoan and Paramecia are the only ones who have shown any. Paramecia have a very rare type known as Special Paramecia, which has only one fruit in it, for the time being, that is, Katakuri's Mochi Mochi no Mi.

Zoan, on the other hand, has two main subtypes in Ancient Zoan and Mythical Zoan. Furthermore, another type, known as Artificial Zoan exists and, as the name suggests, is created artificially.

9 Ferocious When Bloodthirsty

Among the Zoan type users, the ones who have eaten a Carnivorous Zoan Devil Fruit are extremely ferocious in combat, as mentioned by Chopper.

This kind of Zoan fruit grants sharp teeth and claws to the user, however, their greatest asset is probably growing beastly when they're bloodthirsty and set on killing their target.

8 Best For Physical Combat

When it comes to physical combat, Zoan Devil Fruit users are a cut above the rest. This class is extremely useful in combat since they boost the physical attributes of the user to sky-high levels.

The more they fight, the more skilled they become and that's why this class is feared by everyone in the One Piece world.

7 Great Growth Potential

Zoan type users have tremendous growth potential. As explained by Rob Lucci, the more they train, the stronger they get. There is absolutely no limit to how much they will grow and that makes this class quite scary.

Although everyone progresses with training, Zoans do that at a much higher rate and get stronger quicker than an average person or someone who uses a Paramecia Devil Fruit.

6 Difficult To Damage

Zoan type users are extremely hard to take on in combat, as mentioned earlier, and a big reason for that is their durability. The users of Zoan type Devil Fruits aren't easily damaged.

An example of this is the Ancient Zoan type user Page One, who was able to brush off some of Luffy's best Haki-infused techniques with minor trouble. Kaido himself is said to be indestructible, probably because of the toughness his Devil Fruit offers.

5 Amazing Recovery Rate

Another reason why the Zoans are so incredible is that they possess a great recovery rate. They are extremely hard to knock down because their body recovers much faster than that of a normal person.

This was seen at Onigashima, when Ulti, one of the Tobiroppo, was knocked out by Yamato's Thunder Bagua, but got up seconds later as if nothing had happened.

4  Monstrous Strength And Speed


Another great feature of the Zoan type users is their monstrous strength. Since this class excels in physical combat, they are much stronger than the others, physically. This is especially true for the Ancient Zoans, as explained by Law.

Furthermore, they are also blazing fast in combat and can keep up with most threats without much trouble.

3 Zoan Hybrids

One of the greatest powers of the Zoan types is their ability to take on different forms. A normal Zoan can use three transformations, the first one being their human form, then the animal form, and finally the human-animal, or hybrid form.

Hybrid forms offer much better mobility and are better suited to close combat. Zoan types can also unlock further transformations, as is evident in Chopper's case.

2 Awakenings

Like every other type of Devil Fruit, Zoan types can also be awakened. However, their awakening is quite different from that of a Paramecia. While Paramecia allows the user to affect their immediate surroundings with Devil Fruit powers and use them to their benefit, Zoans give a further boost in physical powers.

An awakened Zoan type is exceptionally powerful and they are incredibly resilient as well. Defeating an awakened Zoan type user is a task that requires quite a lot of effort.

1 Mythical Abilities

The rarest type of Devil Fruits in the entire One Piece world is the Mythical Zoan type. These fruits have only 5 users so far and as the name suggests, they allow the users to transform into a mythical creature and its hybrid at will.

What's more, aside from standard transformation powers, Mythical Zoan types also grant a few abilities on top. For instance, Marco has the power to regenerate using the Blue Flames of Rebirth, Sengoku can produce giant shockwaves from the palms of his hands, and Catarina Devon can take on the appearance of another person.


One Piece: 10 Reasons Why Skypiea Is The Best Arc

The Skypiea arc is the main story arc of One Piece's Sky Island Saga which takes place directly after the Alabasta Saga wraps up. It sees the Straw Hats look for a way to the sky to find a land where few have ever stepped foot on.

In the sky, two races rage war with one another as God Enel plans to eradicate everything for the sake of his goals. The Skypiea arc is very different from what fans are used to seeing in One Piece, however, there's more than one reason why it can be considered the best arc out there.

10 Nico Robin's Importance

Nico Robin joined the Straw Hat Pirates after Luffy saved her in Alabasta. Becoming a member of the crew, she takes on the role of their archaeologist and embarks on a journey with them to the sky.

Before Skypiea, Nico Robin's importance to the story wasn't really understood well. However, by the end of the arc, the hints about the Void Century and the Rio Poneglyph were revealed to the fans for the very first time.

9 Montblanc Cricket

Montblanc Cricket appeared in the Jaya arc of One Piece but his story continued as the Skypiea arc progressed. Cricket was shown to be a descendant of Montblanc Noland, a famous botanist from the North Blue who lived 400 years ago.

Noland claimed to have found the City of Gold, however, what he said was thought to be a lie and he was executed for it. Cricket, his descendant, was shown to be on a quest to find out the truth for himself.

8 Noland And Calgara

One Piece gave fans what could be considered as the best flashback in the entire story during the Skypiea arc. The story of Montblanc Noland, the famous explorer and botanist, was connected to the Shandians, specifically, Calgara.

After curing them of a deadly disease, Noland became great friends with Calgara, the snake Nola, and the Shandians and promised to return soon. Unfortunately, the Knock-Up stream happened to launch half of Jaya into the sky and to send a message to Noland, Calgara and his men kept ringing the fire of Shandora. Meanwhile, Noland was executed as the city of gold that he claimed to have seen and was now in the sky and nowhere to be seen.

7 The Winged Races

The Winged Races are an essential part of One Piece. Thought to have originated from the moon, these races came and eventually settled down in different places on Earth. The Skypieans lived on Skypiea, the Birkans lived on Birka, and the Shandorans lived on Jaya, which was eventually shot up in the sky.

These races are essential to the story of One Piece and Skypiea is the very first arc that introduces and explains them to us properly.

6  Shandora

One again, the Skypiea arc gave fans something incredibly important in Shandora. This city was known to be a prosperous one that existed over 800 years ago in the One Piece world. However, at some point, it fell at the hands of an enemy that it fought.

Shandora had its very own Poneglyph that the people had been protecting for years. It was the very first time that One Piece delved into what the Poneglyphs were and why they were so important to the story.

5 The Enemy Of The Ancient Kingdom

The Ancient Kingdom was a prosperous place that existed over 800 years ago in the world. However, at a certain point, all traces of it vanished.

During the Skypiea arc, fans get their very first hint of the enemy that the Ancient Kingdom fought since Shandora was ravaged by the same enemy.

4 Poseidon's Location

During the Alabasta arc, Nico Robin found the location of the Pluton that is said to be sleeping somewhere in the One Piece world. In the Skypiea arc, she was, once again, met with a Poneglyph that told the location of an Ancient Weapon, and this time, it was Poseidon.

Robin found out that the Poseidon was located 10,000 meters underwater on a place known as Fishman Island. After the two-year time-skip, the Straw Hat Pirates visited this place and met Shirahoshi, the girl who was born with this ancient power.

3 Lore

When it comes to lore, Skypiea is an arc that very few others can compete with. Everything about this arc was tied to the history of the world, the Void Century, the battle that was fought, and the enemy that they fought years and years ago.

Without a doubt, the Skypiea arc of One Piece is unbeaten when it comes to lore.

2 The Adventure

The Adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates has been incredible ever since it began and the world-building that Oda has pulled off with One Piece is spectacular.

Skypiea, due to its amazing location, world-building, and history is the peak of One Piece adventure. No other arc gives off the same sense of adventure as Skypiea.

1 Roger's Message

Finally, Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates, was revealed to have visited Skypiea a long time ago. This was later confirmed during Oden's flashback in chapter 966 of the manga.

Roger had Oden inscribe a message in the Golden Belfry that crossed over 20 years and reached Nico Robin, giving her a goal to find and deliver the Poneglyphs to the Final Island, Laugh Tale.