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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

One Piece: 5 Times Doflamingo Was The Evilest Shichibukai (& 5 Why It's Crocodile)

In the One Piece world and with the recent events of the second part of Reverie, fans have come to learn that the Shichibukai system (that existed as long as the series itself) was abolished. For the casual reader, this might not seem like much. But true fans know the raging undercurrents brewing due to this abolishment, and the future implications it will have on the plotline.

That being said, the Shichibukai system was originally established to keep a balance between the three great powers. Little did the world government know that as a result of them turning a blind eye to the crimes of the Sshichibukai, some Shichibukai would abuse that loophole and bring down evil to the world. The two most notorious Shichibukai who blatantly abused their powers are most certainly Crocodile and Doflamingo, but who exactly of the two excels more in the way of evil?

10 Doflamingo: Killed His Family

One of the most hideous acts committed by the Heavenly Demon is killing members of his own family. Not only did he kill both his father and brother, but he also did so without feeling a sense of remorse.

When a person kills his family without feeling even a bit remorseful, you know that they have a ‘bright future’ down the path of evil. And sure enough, Doflamingo cemented his position as one of the evilest individuals introduced to the series thus far, if not the evilest.

9 Crocodile: No Bottom line

The way that Sir Crocodile operates is one that can’t be more straightforward. As fans have witnessed in the Alabasta arc, he has no apparent bottom line. He is willing to commit all sorts of atrocities if that means his goals and dreams will be realized.

What’s even more fascinating about Crocodile is that whenever he commits a lowly crime, he does so with zero shame-- nothing can strike a blow to his confidence.

8 Doflamingo: No Qualms About Massacring An Entire Kingdom

You would think that after ruling a kingdom for more or less a decade, Doflamingo would at the very least have some sympathy towards the populace. But as it turned out, he does not-- the lives of his former subjects might as well be worthless to him.

Doflamingo resorted to Birdcage - an overwhelmingly overpowered technique- in an attempt to completely massacre all the citizens of Dressrosa. His drive for doing so? So that all the dark secrets of Dressrosa would die with its citizens.

7 Crocodile: Dance Powder Incident

The Dance Powder is a substance used to deliver rain to a certain location at the expense of the areas surrounding said location. Crocodile used the Dance powder to cause a mass draught in the entirety of Alabasta, save for the royal capital. Afterward, he shifted all the blame to the royal family, almost causing a nationwide rebellion that demanded the head of the King. This entire scheme designed to overthrow the rule of King Cobra led to the death of many citizens, and the starvation of even more.

6 Doflamingo: Underground Influence

Doflamingo, throughout his evil career, acquired many nicknames. But the most prominent one is most definitely “Joker”. Joker is more than just a nickname, it’s an identity that signifies Doflamingo's standing as the world’s most infamous underground broker.

From the comfort of his throne in Dressrosa, Doflamingo pulled the strings (pun non-intended) to many major incidents and wars that occurred in the world.

5 Crocodile: Manipulated The Population Of Alabasta

Despite using the Dance powder that resulted in the deaths of many, to the public populace, Crocodile appeared as an honest Shichibukai who defended the kingdom from pirate invaders. This deep level of scheming inverted the truth, deceived the public, and almost caused an outbreak of civil war.

Has it not been for the intervention of the Straw Hats which led to the exposure of these scandals, Crocodile would’ve gained the rule of Alabasta through manipulating everything from the shadows.

4 Doflamingo: His Rule Over Dressrosa

The method Doflamingo used to gain control of Dressrosa was swifter and more effective than Crocodile, and that's factual. Crocodile’s plan was relatively slow-running, while Doflamingo finished everything in one fell swoop. After gaining control of Dressrosa, Doflamingo proceeded to set various inhumane plans in motion, such as the usage of ‘toy’ slaves.

To the innocent bystander, Dressrosa appeared as a colorful city of joy. Little did they know that beyond the colorful facade laid many dark and disturbing secrets.

3 Crocodile: No Regard For His Subordinates

This could as well be considered as a given. It’s pretty much common sense that most successful villains could not care less about their subordinates. As much as they are concerned, subordinates are just another form of pawns.

With that said though, for some reason or another; Crocodile shed off some of his evilness after being imprisoned in Impel Down. He did not necessarily become good, but he is not his old self either.

2 Doflamingo: His Goals

Most bad guys have an ultimate goal. Some just desire good old world domination, while others are a bit more creative in their approach-- doing bad for what they think is a greater good.

Doflamingo belongs to neither of the previous categories; what he wants is to see the world burn. He is just bad for the sake of being bad, no sugarcoating. This is arguably the vilest of villains.

1 Crocodile: Killed Everyone Who Made Fun Of Him

Crocodile stated to Robin that he murdered all those who made fun of him, and we are willing to take his word for it. Frankly, if that is true, then no one would actually be surprised. That is to be expected from the man who wouldn’t bat an eye to the idea of causing genocide. Crocodile is the kind of final boss that would behead a minion for delivering bad news.


One Piece: 5 Times Kaido Was The Evilest Yonko (& 5 Why It's Big Mom)

From the perspective of the populace of the world of One Piece, all pirates are bad pirates, and to some extent, they are not necessarily wrong. That is more applicable to the infamous pirates, the most infamous of whom are the Yonkos. The Yonkos are these giant entities that rule more than half of the new world. And more often than not, the islands ruled by Yonkos are the safest, for obvious reasons.

With that being said, the act of putting a certain island under a Yonko’s protection does not overrule said Yonko’s evil. Kaido and Big Mom are two such Yonkos who do way more evil than good, but who exactly of the two is worse?

10 Kaido: No Bottom Line

You know a character is vile when they have no apparent bottom line. Kaido, an almighty Yonko who delivers terror to the entire world, has absolutely no qualms about mocking and attacking children.

We have witnessed him brutally attacking Tama for the sake of doing it, and making fun of Odin in front of Momonosuke for no other reason but to shame him. These are pretty low blows considering Kaido’s position.

9 Big Mom: Extremely Tyrannical

Big Mom’s tyranny, which manifests itself in many ways, knows no bounds. The upper echelons of the world know that refusing a request or an invitation from Big Mom is a stupid thing to do.

There have been incidents of nobles losing their loved ones as a result of them respectfully declining an invitation to one of Big Mom’s tea parties. This is just one example of the many tyrannical deeds done by Big Mom.

8 Kaido: Violent

Yonko Kaido has alcoholism and poor anger management in spades. And when these two aspects combine with each other, they create violence, another character trait that Kaido is rich in.

Temper and excess violence are Kaido’s signature traits. He is the kind of big boss who would utterly obliterate their minions for delivering bad news.

7 Big Mom: No Regard To Her Children

Big Mom could not care less about her children. For this Yonko, children are just mere valuable pawns; tools used to create political marriages and to further expand her influence.

And if that is not enough to highlight how bad of a parent she is, Big Mom showed almost no remorse when she murdered her own son; that’s how vile she is.

6 Kaido: Usage Of SMILE

The truth about the artificial devil fruits, SMILE, which has recently been exposed, is that it makes the already repulsive fruit even more repulsive. Kaido’s usage of SMILE shows how little regard he has for his subordinates.

90% of those who consume this defected fruit will lose all of their emotions save for smiling. Needless to say, this is torture. There are currently more than four thousand individuals who have lost their human emotions to this genuine devil fruit.

5 Big Mom: Taxes Lifespan

From an outsider’s perspective, Totto Land might seem like heaven on earth, which is nothing but a facade. Big Mom taxes 2 months of every citizen’s lifespan once per year; that’s a considerable amount of lifespan, to say the least.

Big Mom claims that those who are unwilling to pay may rightfully leave, which turned out to be an even bigger lie. According to Brulee, anyone who attempted to leave the "utopia" that is Totto Land met a horrible ending.

4 Kaido: His Control Over Wano

Despite Big Mom’s over-the-top tyrannical rule over Totto Land, her citizens are at the very least safe and content, actually a praiseworthy achievement on Big Mom’s side.

On the other side, Kaido literally doesn’t care about the citizens of Wano; he cares not a single bit about their safety and wellbeing. In fact, Wano might as well be the only nation that feels more unsafe for being ruled by a Yonko.

3 Big Mom: Manipulative

One thing that never ceases to flabbergast the fans is how these mighty Yonko do these shameless acts without feeling a bit of shame whatsoever. It’s frankly even more amazing how Big Mom resorts to trickery on a daily basis without feeling a loss of face.

Apparently, even the evil Germa 66 didn’t foresee themselves getting duped that hard by Big Mom. No one would’ve imagined that a Yonko could stoop that low.

2 Kaido: His Goals

Each villain has their own goals and aspirations. Big Mom, like most of the pirates, desires to be the Pirate King.

But Kaido, being the tool of destruction that he is, seeks nothing other than destruction. His goal is to start a grand war like never before; according to him, one that would rid the world of its mundanity.

1 Big Mom: Destroying Kingdoms Over Silly Reasons

Besides killing the loved ones of those who decline her invitations, Big Mom is also infamous for destroying entire kingdoms over silly reasons.

What outrageous crimes did these poor kingdoms commit to deserve such harsh punishments from Big Mom? They did not deliver their quota of sweets in time. Even a few days delay could lead to a fall of a kingdom.


One Piece: 10 Strongest Characters Who Are Non-Human

The worldbuilding of One Piece is undoubtedly one of the most phenomenal in the anime platform, if not the most. Let alone the unique and original premise never seen before in anime, just the consistency of its vast and ever-expanding world is breathtaking. The vivid masterpiece that is One Piece is a title that is truly worthy of the throne of Shonen. The cast is yet another aspect that puts One Piece’s shonen counterparts to shame. The huge array of races and characters add even more layers of colors to the already colorful world.

Among the variety of tribes and races in One Piece, Some, such as the Longarm Tribe, Snakeneck Tribe, and Torino Tribe, are derivatives of humans. But others like the Giants and the Dwarves are standalone races with little to no connection to humans. Here are the top heavy-hitters of these independent races.

10 Chopper (Deer)

Chopper might as well be the only of his kind in the huge world of One Piece. He is not unique in the context of his entire race being wiped out by a stray asteroid. Contrarily, he is unique because he is technically the first one of his ‘species’-- if it could even be called a species.

Chopper is by no means weak. But as a doctor, his proficiency revolves around fixing damage rather than inflicting it.

9 Leo (Dwarf)

When the term ‘dwarf’ is mentioned; the first thing that comes to mind is short and muscular crafting expertise. One Piece, on the other hand, tackles the mythical race of dwarves differently.

Leo is a member of the Tontatta tribe, a dwarven branch that resides in Green Bit. He became the captain of the fifth ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet after fighting alongside Luffy and the gang against Doflamingo’s tyrant rule.

8 Hajrudin (Giant)

The Straw Hat crew and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet are definitely one of the most diverse pirate groups in the series. They have skeletons, cyborgs, dwarves, and giants-- talk about representation.

Hajrudin is one of the few named giants introduced to the main storyline of One Piece. He is the current captain of the New Giants Pirates-- which also serves as the sixth ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

7 Hody Jones (Fishman)

Hody Jones is a shark Fishman and the main antagonist of the Fishman Island arc. The raw strength of Hody is not revolutionary enough to have him single-handedly subdue the entire Fishman island. He had to scheme, plan, and resort to underhanded methods to succeed (sort of) in his plot.

By final boss standards, Hody is one of the weaker ones that Luffy has faced. He only got an edge over Luffy due to terrain advantage.

6 Carrot (Mink)

While the minks officially introduce themselves as furred humans, most of them tend to relate more to animals. That could be noticed in their behavioral patterns; dog-minks love bones and so on and so forth. But what truly separates them from humans is their insane sense of unity and loyalty.

Carrot has been traveling with the Straw Hats for a few arcs now. However, not to be fooled by her adorableness; Carrot is a very proficient combatant.

5 Jinbe (Fishman)

Jinbe, the newest addition to the Straw Hat crew and an avid supporter of Luffy’s ambition, is not a character unknown to the fans. The number of times he saved Luffy, and other Straw Hats, is simply uncountable by now.

Jinbe is easily one of the strongest Fishmen to be introduced to the story. He was able to tank Sakazuki’s magma punch, and actually not be incapacitated-- an achievement that can not be overlooked.

4 Nekomamushi And Inuarashi (Mink)

The stronger the individuals are, the vaguer the line separating their strengths is. It takes many aspects outside of raw prowess to decide on who is stronger and who is weaker in these big leagues.

Master Nekomamushi, ruler of night, and Duke Inuarashi, ruler of day, are the current kings of the Minks. Strength-wise, they are both about the level of Yonko commanders, albeit the weaker Yonko commanders.

3 Jack The Draught (Fishman)

Jack The Draught is one of Kaido’s trusted aides, The Disasters, and, unknown to many, a full-fledged Fishman. His exact Fishman tribe was not yet specified, but it is pretty much confirmed by Oda.

As a Yonko commander, Jack’s capabilities are most certainly genuine. It takes way more than just luck to be a lieutenant of one of the rulers of the sea.

2 King (Unnamed Race)

The specific strength ranking of the Disasters is still vague, but it’s widely speculated that King, the most mysterious of the Disasters, is the man below only Kaido and above everyone else.

We have only seen so little action from King, but from what little we have seen, putting him this high on the list is in no way overestimating his abilities. King is a member of a mysterious and unspecified race.

1 Kaido (Unknown)

Before jumping into conclusions, it should be noted that Kaido has never been once addressed as a human. He has been called a thing by Big Mom and he has been called a creature by the entire world. But never has he been addressed as a human.

Naturally, it takes more than a few theories to ‘deprive’ Kaido of his humanity. But once again, it wouldn't be surprising if the captain of the Beast pirates was a legitimate beast.

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One Piece: 10 Strongest Organizations In The Series, Ranked

The world of One Piece is filled with some incredibly powerful organizations that are created either to further the cause of certain pirates or to maintain control over certain territories.

In an era where the fight for control of the seas appears to be the most important thing, fans have seen the formation of several powerful organizations. These range from groups that want to bring about a change in the world to those who want to seize power for themselves. Here are the top 10 strongest known organizations in the world of One Piece.

10 Baroque Works

Baroque Works was an organization led by the former Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile. His aim was to eventually take over Alabasta and get his hands on the Ancient Weapon Pluton. Over the years, Crocodile had built a massive network of criminals working under him as members of Baroque Works. These included the Millions, the Billions, the Numbered Agents, and finally the Officer Agents, all of which were extremely powerful.

9  The Nine Red Scabbards

The Nine Red Scabbards, also known as the Akazaya Nine, are the retainers of Kozuki Oden, the former Daimyo of Wano's Kuri region. At some point in their lives, they were all saved by Oden in some way which is how they ended up swearing their loyalty to Oden and the Kozuki clan. Their strength was revered throughout the country around 20 years ago, and even now, they are considered to be extremely powerful. They aim to take down Kaido during the Fire Festival on Onigashima.

8 Germa 66

Germa 66 is the military face of the Germa Kingdom, and at the same time, an underworld power that is led by Sanji's biological father, Vinsmoke Judge. This organization of mercenaries consists of soldiers cloned with incredible technology, something that even Charlotte Linlin sought. At the helm of the organization is the Vinsmoke Family, which consists of some of the strongest characters in the entire series in Reiju and her remaining siblings.

7 Worst Generation

Worst Generation is a group of pirates that arrived on Sabaody Archipelago prior to the Summit War, with the sole exception of Blackbeard. They are quite a powerful bunch who have different aims, with most gunning for the title of the Pirate King.

Although they don't work together generally, they're still a group that pose a tremendous danger to the World Government, which is why they're dealt with extremely cautiously.

6 Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

Created at Zou, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance consists of some of the strongest people in the entire One Piece world. They include the Strawhat Pirates, Heart Pirates, the Mink Tribe, and the ninjas & samurai of Wano Country. Their aim is to take down Kaido of the Four Emperors and open the borders of Wano Country. In doing so, they want to fulfill the wishes of Kozuki Oden and carry out his last wishes.


SSG, or the Special Science Group, was created by Dr. Vegapunk in an attempt to replace the Shichibukai in the Three Great Powers of the One Piece world. Their exact strength is unknown, but according to Fujitora and Brannew, they are powerful enough to successfully replace the Shichibukai, which means they're relative in terms of power. In the future, fans will likely see more of what they're capable of doing.

4 Shichibukai

The Shichibukai, also known as the Seven Warlords of the Sea, were an organization of pirates that were hired by the government to stop other pirates in exchange for complete freedom from being pursued actively by the Navy.

They were among the Three Great Powers of the One Piece world until recently. The Shichibukai system is effectively dissolved now.

3 Revolutionary Army

Led by Luffy's father, Monkey D. Dragon, the Revolutionary Army is one of the biggest powers in the world of One Piece. They are aiming to overthrow the Celestial Dragons that rule the World Government and to liberate countries from the wretched rule of the Nobles. Dragon is known to be the worst criminal in the entire world while his subordinates, such as Sabo, are powerful enough to go head-to-head against a Navy Admiral.

2 Marines

The Marines are one of the Three Great Powers in the world of One Piece. They are the military face of the World Government who are primarily tasked with hunting down pirates and other criminals, along with protecting those who need their help. Their ranks are filled with some extremely powerful people and when combined with the SSG or the Shichibukai, they become powerful enough to challenge the Yonko themselves.

1 Yonko

The Yonko are the four strongest pirates in the One Piece world who are known to be the Kings of the New World. Their power and influence are such that even the World Government hesitates to directly oppose them. The Yonko include Big Mom, Kaido, Shanks, and Blackbeard at the moment. Without a doubt, they're the strongest people in One Piece right now.


One Piece: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Devil Fruit

There are all sorts of new anime series that have stepped into the spotlight in recent years and been able to replace some of the popular shows from the past. However, despite all of the turnover that takes place, One Piece is an anime that’s been able to survive and persevere through the years. Now with nearly 1,000 episodes under its belt, One Piece is still one of the most popular anime in the shonen genre.

There’s a lot to love about One Piece, and the series’ powerful Devil Fruit are definitely high on the list. Accordingly, here are 10 things that you didn’t know about One Piece’s Devil Fruit.

10 There Are Artificial Devil Fruit

The Devil Fruit are such a powerful commodity in the One Piece universe that it's not surprising that those hungry for more power have tried to synthesize this unique strength. Dr. Vegapunk and Caesar Clown have made great strides in the area.

Vegapunk has figured how to transfer the effects of a Devil Fruit to inanimate objects, whereas Caesar has synthesized Zoan-type fruit known as SMILE. The major caveat here is that only 10% of SMILE will work, whereas the other 90% will also lose their ability to smile and laugh as well as the ability to swim.

9 Users Can Possess The Abilities Of More Than One Devil Fruit

One Piece is an anime that's filled with some deeply intimidating villains, but for the majority of the series, Blackbeard is the main villain for Luffy and company.

One of the ways in which One Piece reiterates Blackbeard's immense strength is through the fact that he's the only one who has the powers of two Devil Fruit, the Dark-Dark Fruit and the Tremor-Tremor Fruit. Blackbeard is an anomaly in this regard, but it's proof that such a thing can be done. It’s a dangerous standard for those that are hungry for more power.

8 Devil Fruit Powers Can Respawn Into Circulation

A rather interesting wrinkle with how the powers of Devil Fruit work is that although the powers are confined to the user, there is a way to get those powers back on the market. When a Devil Fruit user passes away, their abilities get transferred into another Devil Fruit. This adds a great deal of strategy into battle because it offers a viable way to take certain powers out of the game or bring them back. Certain powerful Devil Fruit re-entering the picture has led to some very exciting One Piece scenarios.

7 Non-Canonical Filler Devil Fruit Still Need To Be Approved By Oda

One Piece is a series that deals with a vast amount of filler material and it'd be unreasonable for Devil Fruit to never show up during these spans of episodes. However, these Devil Fruit need to go through a certain process and are shown to One Piece's creator, Eiichiro Oda. Oda basically has the right to veto any Devil Fruit designs that he sees, in case he's planning on using the ideas in a future story arc. So in a strange way, they're canonical in some sense.

6 Certain Devil Fruit Offer Special, Stronger Abilities

Most of the Devil Fruit imbue the user with incredible strength, but there have also been a select few Devil Fruit which are shown to possess even greater strength. These more rare Devil Fruit are revered with a legendary status. Some of these special Devil Fruit allow users the power of flight, extreme offensive strength, invincibility, or even eternal life. Luffy and company have been able to counter some of these, but it’s not easy. Regular Devil Fruit will drive people to do crazy things, but these special variety are enough to cause wars.

5 There Are Over 100 Canonical Devil Fruit

At the start of One Piece, Luffy seems like a rarity with his Devil Fruit ability. As One Piece goes on, it becomes clear that Devil Fruit users are a common occurrence and they're the typical villains. In over 900 episodes of the series, there have been over 130 canonical Devil Fruit from across the three types. When non-canonical Devil Fruit from the anime are added, it's more than 180. That's a shocking amount of creative abilities to appear throughout the show, but One Piece always finds a way to make them feel different.

4 Devil Fruit Users Can't Swim And Are Weak To Water

Devil Fruit offer the user the potential for incredible power, but this new strength is not without its consequences. Consuming Devil Fruit makes the user rejected by the sea and immune to water in drastic ways. Individuals are unable to swim, prone to sinking, and drowning is a real concern for these characters. Simply being exposed to water will weaken individuals or dampen their Devil Fruit powers. It's a serious disadvantage, especially when these pirates are primarily out at sea, but it’s a necessary cost of business here.

3 Devil Fruit From Different Regions Awaken In Unique Ways

Devil Fruit are elusive enough on their own, but they can be divided into three major categories, Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan, which all make a difference in the powers that the user obtains. In addition to these different categories of Devil Fruit affecting the corresponding abilities, they all awaken in different ways. For instance, awakened Zoan-type powers boost existing skills, whereas awakened Paramecia-type powers will cause Devil Fruit powers to manifest differently than before. This adds even more mystery behind the fruit and will cause some abilities to awaken in unexpected ways.

2 Devil Fruit Abilities Aren't Automatic

What's fundamental to acquiring the powers within the Devil Fruit is an understanding of those abilities and training & perfecting them. As a result, some users can master their Devil Fruit ability after a few hours, whereas it took Luffy years to properly figure out how to use his ability. Additionally, a great understanding and refining of Devil Fruit abilities allows them to manifest in a variety of ways or more fully manifest their powers. Like anything else, it's a muscle that can be perfected. Stamina is also a major factor.

1 Devil Fruit Effects Can Be Amplified With Drugs

Many of the Straw Hat Pirates have been dealing with their Devil Fruit abilities for years, but there's still a lot about them that's not known. Devil Fruit abilities can evolve and be refined over time, but Tony Tony Chopper also indicates that they can be improved via drugs. He perfects a concoction known as a "Rumble Ball," which is able to mess with the Devil Fruit's makeup and increase its effects. Chopper gets to the point where he doesn't even need the tangible "Rumble Balls" any longer, but it's a fascinating science that more could be done with.