• One Piece: 10 Times Luffy Was Smarter Than He Lets On

    Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the long-running One Piece manga and his journey sees him set out to sea in search of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger's treasure, the One Piece. Luffy is often considered to be dull-witted, which while true in some cases, doesn't always apply to his character. Since the beginning of the story, Luffy is shown to have a keen understanding of people.

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    The Straw Hat Pirates are a crew led by Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece and a fearsome pirate of the Worst Generation who hails from the East Blue. Luffy aims to be the King of the Pirates, and while his crew dedicates their lives to see him accomplish this dream, they also have dreams of their own.

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One Piece: Ever Major Arc's Best Fight (& Who Won)

The long-running manga and anime series One Piece follows the story of a young boy named Luffy who acquires the power of the Gum-Gum Fruit, turning his body into rubber. Intending to become the King of the Pirates, Luffy sets out to the sea and gathers several crewmates, traveling from island to island.

Oda, the creator of the story, has written several arcs over the years, as expected of a series that recently reached 1,000 chapters. One Piece has some incredible fights throughout the arcs, but each definitely has one that stands out above the rest.

9 Arlong Park — Luffy Defeats Arlong & Proves His Loyalty To His Crewmates

The East Blue Saga covers the first few arcs of One Piece where Luffy recruits Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji before finally entering the Grand Line. While all the arcs in this saga are amazing, Arlong Park stands out as the best of the lot thanks to the amazing storytelling.

The best fight is, undoubtedly, Luffy vs. Arlong as the emotional weight that it carries surpasses that of any other fights. It also shows the fans how much Luffy values his crewmates for the very first time.

8 Alabasta — Luffy Defeats Sir Crocodile To Liberate Alabasta

The Alabasta arc is the first major arc in the Grand Line and it sees the Straw Hat Pirates deal with a Shichibukai in the Kingdom of Oasis for their friend, Vivi.

The arc features quite a lot of incredible fights. However, once again, it is Luffy's fight that stands out the most. To free the country of his friend, Luffy takes on a Shichibukai and puts his life on the line for her sake. Ultimately, he succeeds in defeating Crocodile on his third try and liberates Alabasta from his clutches.

7 Skypiea — Luffy Stands Up To God Enel & Defeats Him

The Skypiea arc is the next big arc of One Piece after Alabasta and the Straw Hat Pirates travel to a Sky Island in this arc. Unfortunately, not every member of the crew gets proper fights during the Skypiea arc— however, Luffy, expectedly, does.

In his fight against the Goro Goro no Mi user, Enel, Luffy displayed his tenacity and proved that not even a god can stop him. Luffy also fulfilled a promise from 400 years ago by ringing the Golden Bell at the end of the arc.

6 Water 7 Saga — Luffy Defeats Rob Lucci To Get Robin Back

The Straw Hat Pirates go all the way to the World Government stronghold, called Enies Lobby, in the Water 7 saga to rescue their friend, Nico Robin.

The main villains of the arc are the CP-9, and to free Robin, all of them are defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy takes on the strongest of the lot, named Rob Lucci, and used his newly developed Gears to finally put an end to him.

5 Thriller Bark — Zoro Defeats The Zombie Of Samurai Ryuma To Obtain The Shusui

The Thriller Bark arc follows the adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates as they get caught in the Florian Triangle in the Grand Line. There, they are faced by another Shichibukai crew— called the Thriller Bark Pirates— led by Gecko Moria.

Although Moria was quite a formidable fighter himself, the best fight of the arc was one where Zoro fought the Zombie of the Samurai Ryuma from Wano. After defeating him in an incredible sword fight, Zoro obtained the Shusui.

4 Paramount War Saga — Whitebeard Demolishes Akainu After Ace's Death

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest arcs in One Piece is the Marineford arc which is the climax to the Paramount War saga. To save Ace, Luffy rallies the prisoners from Impel Down while Whitebeard arrives on Marineford with his crew and allies.

A massive war engulfs the island, and towards the end, Portgas D. Ace ends up dying. Infuriated by this, Whitebeard takes out his anger on Akainu and manages to defeat him with just a few blows, proving why he was the strongest in the process.

3 Fishman Island — Luffy Displays His Newly Acquired Skills Against Hody Jones

After reuniting on Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hat Pirates finally travel to Fishman Island, where they encounter all sorts of trouble. The main antagonist of the arc, Hody Jones, ends up fighting against Luffy in a battle that displays what the latter is capable of after the time-skip.

Luffy's newly acquired Haki, along with the ferocity of his new attacks, is displayed by Oda in full swing— and thanks to that, Hody faces a crushing defeat.

2 Dressrosa Saga — Luffy Takes Out Donquixote Doflamingo To End His Tyranny

The Dressrosa Saga is the second saga in the New World and it sees Luffy and his crew form an alliance with Trafalgar Law at Punk Hazard in order to take down Kaido, one of the Yonko of the Sea. After destroying the SAD production lab in Punk Hazard, the crew head to Dressrosa, where Luffy ultimately fights Doflamingo.

In a scintillating fight that shakes the entire island, Luffy unleashes a new form called Gear Fourth and manages to put an end to Doflamingo's tyranny once and for all.

1 Whole Cake Island — Luffy Protects His Crewmates By Defeating Charlotte Katakuri

In Whole Cake Island, Luffy fights against Charlotte Katakuri, the strongest Sweet Commander of the Big Mom Pirates in order to protect his crewmates. In this fight, Luffy grows by leaps and bounds and he manages to upgrade his Haki significantly.

Although weaker than Katakuri, he earns his respect and is able to defeat him with sheer guts. In doing so, Luffy learns the power to see the future with Haki as well, and not only protects his crew but liberates Katakuri from his burdens as well.

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One Piece: A Surprise Clash With Whitebeard Helps Oden Hit the High Seas (Literally)

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Episode 963, "Oden's Determination! Whitebeard's Test!" now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

If there's anything One Piece fans are used to -- it's a protagonist who knows the right time to quit is never, and Oden Kozuki of Wano is no exception. In Episode 963, "Oden's Determination! Whitebeard's Test!" Oden spends the majority of his time trying to convince the famous Pirate Captain to take him aboard -- and while he doesn't quite succeed in that sense, Whitebeard is able to help drag Oden away from Wano for the first time... behind the Moby Dick, that is.

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Within moments of hearing that pirates have landed at the port, Oden rushes out to meet them, eager to fulfill his dream of seeing the world, much to his vassals' dismay. However, in his own signature Oden style, rather than simply asking if he can join the crew or even tag along as a sightseer -- Oden instead makes the rather unwise decision to attack Whitebeard. While there is an argument to be made for the "fight-first, questions later" method, as it had worked for him in the past, Whitebeard is still Whitebeard, and understandably, the fight ends in Oden's apparent defeat.

But, rather than discouraging the Daimyo, Oden only becomes even more excited by the prospect of growing stronger in the wide world. And so, he begins to beg Whitebeard relentlessly to join the pirates. However, even if Whitebeard had wanted to take on the lively Daimyo, he reveals that his crew has been essentially shipwrecked by the journey, to which, Oden of course, immediately volunteers all the manpower and resources he has to repair it quickly.

As repairs get underway, Oden and his vassals have some time to get to know the pirates. While Oden constantly asks to join Whitebeard, Whitebeard correctly notes Oden's rebellious nature, even saying "you're not the type to serve under someone," which clashes heavily with the "no man gets left behind" mentality of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Despite the others trying to butter him up by flaunting his importance as Daimyo of Kuri, Oden quickly decides that the best course of action is to take things into his own hands. Refusing to give up, he plans his escape until, at last, the Moby Dick is seaworthy once more. Anticipating their midnight departure, Oden sneaks out from under the watchful eye of the Nine Red Scabbards, manages to get a chain around the ship's mast and dives in after them.

Shocked by the sheer lengths that Oden was willing to go to for his dream, the pirates have almost no time to process this development before they are thrown over the waterfall that leads to Wano. Yet Oden holds on. Still reluctant to take him on, fearing putting his "family" in jeopardy, Whitebeard gives Oden's persistence one last trial: he must hold onto that chain, dragged by the ship through the waters for three days straight. For Oden, after a lifetime of waiting, what's three days more? So the ship goes through the Grand Line's many various ecosystems as Oden's trial advances. He holds on through stormy seas, getting pummeled (and almost eaten) by giant goldfish and smashed up against icebergs until his face is almost unrecognizable.

Yet it is with only one hour to go that Oden shows his true colors. Despite everything he's done to see the world, despite two days and twenty-three hours of holding onto a metal chain in the waters and despite growing fond of Whitebeard specifically -- he gives it all up in an instant when they pass by an island and he hears a woman cry for help. Even with his wounds and swollen body, the Daimyo of Kuri can't help but rescue those in need with his own signature flair. As someone who felt so restricted for most of his life, he values freedom immensely, and thus seeks it for others as well, coming to aid of Toki Amatsuki at the expense of his life's dream.

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One Piece: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec is one of the legendary figures from the world of One Piece who ruled the seas long before the Great Pirate Era. He was the strongest pirate of his generation and led the Rocks Pirates. Gathering the strongest at an island called Hachinosu, Rocks D. Xebec created a crew that was unparalleled and conquered the seas, which are now ruled by the Four Emperors alone.

With the aim of becoming the King of the World, Rocks created an era of terror that ultimately culminated in the God Valley Incident.

10 He Was First Mentioned By The Hero Of The Marines & Luffy's Grandfather, Monkey D. Garp

Rocks was first mentioned in Chapter 907 of One Piece by none other than the legendary Marine, Garp, when he was talking to Hina and other younger Marines. According to Garp, Rocks' Age existed before the time of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

What's more, Garp paralleled Rocks with an unstoppable force, which made it clear that he was easily among the strongest characters in the story.

9 He Made His Debut After Wano Country's Act 2 In A Short Flashback Of Sengoku

Although mentioned before the start of the Wano Country arc, Rocks was properly talked about by Sengoku, the former Fleet Admiral of the Marines in One Piece. This was prompted by the alliance of Big Mom and Kaido in the land of Wano.

In Chapter 957, titled "Ultimate," Sengoku talked in detail about the legendary pirate that was Rocks and the terror he spread across the sea.

8 Rocks Was A Very Violent Pirate & His Crew Reflected That Nature Of His

Among all the pirates in the One Piece world, Rocks D. Xebec might just have been one of the most violent pirates. At Hachinosu, the pirates who wanted to join his crew fought among each other and only the strongest would eventually get to join him.

What's more, even those who joined him constantly engaged in combat with each other which is one of the reasons why the crew couldn't maintain power forever.

7 He Was The Most Formidable Rival Of The Pirate King, Gol D. Roger

Rocks was quite a ferocious pirate but eventually, his age came to an end with time, and the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger played quite a big part in that. According to Sengoku, Rocks was probably the most formidable enemy who Roger ever fought.

Although Roger also clashed with Whitebeard eventually, the two shared a rather friendly bond which cannot be said for his relationship with Rocks D. Xebec.

6 Rocks D. Xebec Had The Biggest Ambition In The Series — To Become The King Of The World

When it comes to ambition, Rocks had the grandest of all the pirates seen in the story, even more so than the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Sengoku mentions Rocks having wanted to conquer the whole world which is quite a task for even the strongest of people to pull off.

Compared to him, the likes of Roger wanted to be the Pirate King and never opened hostilities against the World Government openly.

5 He Was The Biggest Threat To The World Government During His Age

Rocks' ambition meant that he was directly opposing the World Government, who were the rulers of the world at the time and continue to be today.

Consequently, they labeled his pirate crew as a terrorist organization and attempted to do all they could to stop his advances, most of which failed.

4 Rocks Attacked The Celestial Dragons & Their Slaves At God Valley

Rocks' age was around 40 years before the current timeline of One Piece. However, it ended 38 years ago, at a mysterious island in the Grand Line, called God Valley.

For some reason, Rocks decided to attack the Celestial Dragons and their slaves who were present there and was met with the collective force of the Roger Pirates and the Navy, who beat him.

3 It Took The Combined Effort Of Gol D. Roger & Monkey D. Garp to Defeat Him

Strong as he was, it was nearly impossible for anyone to defeat Rocks in a battle and because of that, Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp had to join forces to finally put an end to him.

Rocks' power was such that Garp was given the title of "The Hero of the Marines," following this victory while Roger also likely gained huge fame after this event.

2 Rocks Is Directly Responsible For The Birth Of Some Of The Most Powerful Pirates, Including The Yonko

Rocks D. Xebec was a majestic pirate so it's not a surprise that other pirates looked up to him. The strongest from his time all joined him as a part of the Rocks Pirates, which is why they became as powerful as they are said to have been.

Some of the members of his crew went on to become infamous pirates and even rose to the position of the Yonko, such as Big Mom, Kaido, and the Great Pirate Edward Newgate.

1 The Death Of Rocks D. Xebec Continues To Be A Mystery To This Day

Although Rocks was defeated by Roger and Garp at God Valley 38 years ago, fans never got to see him die. Sengoku mentions that Rocks is no longer alive to tell his tale now, but his death has never actually been confirmed.

The King of Beasts, Kaido, looked up to Rocks as he was one of the few men capable of fighting him, but surprisingly, he never mentioned Rocks when he talked about the legendary deaths that inspired him.

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One Piece: Alternative Careers For The Main Characters If They Weren't Pirates

There's no doubt that the Straw Hat Pirates are exactly where they should be. Every member of the crew has good reason to belong to this ragtag band of outlaws, and many of the main characters left behind careers and lives and family in order to go off gallivanting. After all, sailing with Luffy may be the surest way to achieve their oddball dreams.

But had One Piece never grouped these delightful characters together, what might have become of them? Would they have been able to pursue their dreams and make a decent living on their own? Frankly, it's hard to imagine the Straw Hats being anything but the Straw Hats, especially when watching their exploits is so reliably fun to watch. Even so, the Straw Hats have just enough practical skills to apply to alternative career paths.

10 Luffy Has The Makings Of A Decent Kindergarten Teacher

Teachers should be intelligent, compassionate, and energetic. Well, two out of three isn't bad, and being physically pliable comes in handy, too. Wrangling kids can be extremely difficult, but there's something to be said for speaking to children on their level. Luffy gets excited about things as mundane as hermit crabs, and he isn't the kind of person who belittles others.

While he may not be the brightest bulb, he's both literally and figuratively flexible. Field trips might be easier for everyone if walking in a line involves every student holding onto the long arm of the teacher, and Luffy is unlikely to let any harm come to his students.

9 Zoro Really Would Be A Reliable Bodyguard

While Zoro violently refuses to be Usopp's personal bodyguard, Usopp's cowardice gives him a good eye for spotting a good human shield. There are few swordsmen as skilled as Zoro, and there's no question he could take a hit for someone else.

It's also no secret that Zoro is extremely directionally challenged, the type of guy who could get lost in a cubicle. He fares better when he's not left to his own devices. Attaching him to another person might be best for both parties. If Zoro wants to be the world's best swordsman, there's no reason he can't do that while on the job. While Zoro's always seemed destined for the ronin life, he doesn't have to wander alone.

8 Nami Is A Great Navigator, So Why Not Take Cartography Commissions?

Nami loves adventure, but she also loves money. While at times her obsession can be tiresome, there is no inherent shame in this. Like all artists, she should be paid for her work. While she serves the Straw Hats primarily as a navigator, she's got a lot of common sense and thriftiness to boot.

Cartography is a skill that is certainly in high demand in the One Piece universe. Nami could certainly market those skills.

7 Soge King Is Worthy Of The Limelight

While many people put on facades to face the daily grind, few so literally indulge in an alter-ego as Usopp does with his Soge King persona. Initially, Usopp invents Soge King to help him overcome his own fears, but he's become a series staple and a fan favorite.

So why not elevate Soge King to cult status? The sentai shows of the '70s gave rise to Kamen Rider, and eventually Power Rangers and even Sailor Moon. Adding Soge King to that roster of costumed superheroes is a no-brainer.

6 Sanji Could Put Gordon Ramay To Shame As A Celebrity Chef

Everyone knows that Sanji is a stellar cook. He wants nothing more than to find the All Blue, the rumored chef's paradise where all the oceans collide. Sanji has an independent streak that sometimes puts him at odds with his crewmates, but there's no questioning his charisma.

If Gordon Ramsay and Guy Fieri can build reality show empires, someone as svelte as Sanji certainly can. And besides, Sanji's especially good at doling out hard truths. If a contestant overcooks their salmon, best believe Sanji will have something to say about it, behind clouds of cigarette smoke.

5 Chopper Could Be The World's Best Vet

Not only is Chopper a fantastic doctor, as an animal himself he is zoo-lingual. At times it's easy to forget how skilled Chopper is in medicine, as his childish sense of humor and conflicted feelings about being monstrous often impede his confidence. But why not lean into that?

Pet owners know that the hardest aspect of caring for a pet stems from the inability to fully communicate with another species. If people could truly reassure their pets that they would not be abandoned forever every time an appointment is necessary, imagine how much easier leaving a pet on an operating table would be. Eat your heart out, Dr. Doolittle.

4 Nico Robin, Professor Of Archaeology

Robin is clever and talented, and she's already skilled as an archaeologist. She also has the literal ability to juggle a dozen tasks at once, and that could go far when it comes to doing meticulous fieldwork.

Robin is one of few people who can read the poneglyphs, unique runes in the One Piece canon, so she's one of the very few people who could share that knowledge. Any grad student would be lucky to dig alongside Robin. Though she may have a life of crime behind her, rather a checkered past than a deadly boring background in stuffy academia.

3 Hollywood Is In Sore Need Of Franky's Practical Effects

Cinema buffs are tired of CGI dominating the special effects arena, and many films could use a savior like Franky. Practical effects are becoming a favorable option once again, as seen in the revival of Jim Henson properties and the charming puppeteering that's made Grogu such a hit in The Mandalorian.

Would anyone be better at creating animatronics than Franky, the self-made cyborg with an eye for theatrical bombastics? Imagine for an instant how much better the uninspired Transformers live-action films could have been if Optimus Prime had been a real robot, built to accurate, enormous scale. Franky, Hollywood needs you.

2 Brook Could Probably Earn The Coveted EGOT

Brook was a latecomer to the Straw Hats, and sometimes he seems like the odd man out. He has already been an international rock star, but he's still got more to offer.

A reliable comedian, he has the potential to succeed as a very specific type of character actor. Movies and plays often require a grim reaper, after all. Brooks got the chops to tackle the full EGOT, and unlike other celebrities, Brook won't be at risk of an early demise— he's already taken care of that.

1 Jinbe Is An Advocate Who Deserves A Wider Platform

Jinbe is an advocate for the rights of fish-men. Anyone vouching for equality is worth listening to, and the Blue Sea could certainly use more leaders with a conscience. Jinbe was already canonically a warlord vying for peace, but that role didn't quite suit him.

It's pretty telling commentary that the only way Jinbe has managed to fight for the rights of his people is by defying the World Government. When pirates are the heroes, what does that say about the lawmakers?

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The Hidden Significance of One Piece’s Pirate Clothing

There's a lot to be said about how One Piece lifts from history in portraying pirates, their legacies and replicating the time when piracy was far more commonplace. While the simple mention of pirates is enough to spark specific imagery in someone's head, iconic looks -- like hooks and eye patches -- are scarcely used.

With some of One Piece's most notable characters being based on real-life pirates, you can't argue the real-world influences. For a manga about pirates, creator Eiichiro Oda pays special attention to how he represents the most notable sea-faring fashion accessories, using them to make a statement about the characters he gives them to. How much of One Piece's overall fashion and design sense borrow from how we perceive pirates -- and what do they mean?

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Fashion is reasonably fluid in One Piece, changing depending on the arc or maybe even by how Oda feels at a given time. Unlike a series like Naruto, where characters are committed to one or two sets of clothes for the series' run, One Piece characters will frequently shift their outfits between arcs -- The Straw Hat Pirates especially. Whole Cake Island saw the crew in more formal wear, Alabasta needed them dressed for desert conditions and Wano now has their attire fitting for Fuedal Japan.

Still, the familiar pirate design tropes, like hook hands, peg legs, 18th Century long-coats and eye patches, aren't really all used to embody one specific character. One Piece doesn't have a quintessential, classic pirate because Oda parses the iconic imagery out with a strategy. Take the Pirate King, Gold Roger, for example. He has a doublet and captain's hat, and even his handlebar mustache echoes to an old-fashioned time. Yet, he lacks the most well-established pirate designs like a hook hand, eyepatch or a peg leg.

Instead, Oda will use the more iconic clothing or accessories to embody how unique a character is, like Sir Crocodile -- who wears an imposing golden hook over his left hand. However, even Crocodile's style, with his long fur coat, slick backed hair and fondness for cigars, harken more to a stereotypical mafia boss rather than a pirate, save for his golden hook.

Occasionally, we see the crew back in more fitting pirate clothes, like how Luffy began wearing his captain's coat at the start of Onigashima -- the first time he's ever worn it outside of a color spread. Little needs to be said about Luffy's strength and importance, but adding an iconic piece to his wardrobe could signify significant growth.

As for a peg-leg, look no further than one of the few good father figures in One Piece, head chef of the Baratie, Zeff. His leg, like a scar, tells the audience an unspoken history about him while still eliciting more curiosity since he's a chef. The reveal that Zeff is the famous "Red-Leg" Zeff was signaled by iconic pirate imagery. Not to mention the more shocking and tragic truth that he ate his leg while he and Sanji were shipwrecked for 85 days with no food. Now retired, Zeff's peg-leg is a visual representation of the hard-boiled cooks that run the Baratie restaurant and a unique character Oda highlighted.

Fans may have noticed that in all of One Piece's long history, we have yet to meet a single character who wears an eyepatch, and that's a wholly intentional decision on Oda's part. His general idea is that everyone has the same kind of vision in their head when they think of a pirate, and the eyepatch is vital to it. In fact, in 2007, he wrote a handwritten message to tie with One Para -- a celebration of the manga's 10th anniversary -- that spoke on the matter. In it, Oda says:

"I thought if there's an image in everyone's head about what a pirate is, then I thought I would write/draw about the process of the boy getting there. But it's not like I dislike eyepatches, so in the final scenes of One Piece, there is one pirate who appears with an eye patch, I'm itching to draw this character."

By the end of One Piece, we will have a character who wears an eyepatch, and the fact that Oda has been holding back who this character is speaks to the mangaka's dedication and patience. That character could be the supposed Rocks D. Xebecs, who fans speculate to be still alive, or maybe a familiar name like Jimbei, Zoro or even Luffy will start wearing one. Whoever the character is, knowing Oda, they'll undoubtedly be powerful, impactful or a combination of the two.

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