• One Piece: 10 Times Luffy Was Smarter Than He Lets On

    Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the long-running One Piece manga and his journey sees him set out to sea in search of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger's treasure, the One Piece. Luffy is often considered to be dull-witted, which while true in some cases, doesn't always apply to his character. Since the beginning of the story, Luffy is shown to have a keen understanding of people.

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    The Straw Hat Pirates are a crew led by Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece and a fearsome pirate of the Worst Generation who hails from the East Blue. Luffy aims to be the King of the Pirates, and while his crew dedicates their lives to see him accomplish this dream, they also have dreams of their own.

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One Piece: 10 Times Luffy Was Smarter Than He Lets On

Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the long-running One Piece manga and his journey sees him set out to sea in search of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger's treasure, the One Piece. Luffy is often considered to be dull-witted, which while true in some cases, doesn't always apply to his character. Since the beginning of the story, Luffy is shown to have a keen understanding of people.

Furthermore, his journey as a pirate sees him face off against some of the strongest characters in the story, and to overcome some of them, Luffy has had to tap into his fighting genius to prove that he's smarter than people think.

10 When He Figured Out Captain Kuro's Fighting Style Within A Matter Of Minutes

Luffy has always been quite intelligent when it comes to combat, and his fight against Kuro was the very first hint at that ability of his. With Kuro being a user of the Nuki Ashi, it was nearly impossible for a regular human to avoid getting hit. However, after observing him a few times, Luffy picked up his attack pattern.

Consequently, he managed to counter Kuro's ability quite easily and defeated him without much trouble.

9 When He Allowed Zoro To Fight His Own Fight Against Dracule Mihawk

Although Luffy doesn't let it on often, he's always been emotionally mature and has a great understanding of the situation around him. This was displayed at Baratie, where despite Zoro getting beaten by Mihawk, Luffy didn't allow anyone to intervene in his fight.

Although Johnny and Yosaku tried to interfere, Luffy successfully stopped them because he realized it was Zoro's fight to fight. Impressed with Luffy, Mihawk gained respect for him and praised this act.

8 When He Met Bellamy In Mock Town & Chose Not To Fight Him

Luffy and his crew sailed to Jaya's Mock Town in an attempt to find out information about the way to Skypiea. Surprisingly, the existence of the island was laughed off there and Luffy was attacked by Bellamy who didn't believe in pirate dreams and the adventure that they bring about.

Realizing that Bellamy wasn't worth fighting because of his way of thinking, Luffy chose to hold back and, in doing so, mirrored what Shanks did with Higuma in Romance Dawn.

7 When He Figured Out The Shichibukai Crocodile's Weakness In One Minute

Luffy and the Shichibukai, Sir Crocodile fought each other during the Alabasta arc of One Piece and their first clash came outside Rainbase in the middle of the desert. With Crocodile not taking Luffy seriously, he set a timer of one minute and decided to finish him off in that time.

Although he lost, Luffy ended up figuring out his weakness in that one minute, once again showing how smart he is when it comes to combat.

6 When He Observed The CP-9 & Learned Soru Within One Day In Enies Lobby

Luffy clashed against the CP-9 agents during the Water 7 arc of One Piece and while both he and Zoro got defeated in the fight quite easily, Luffy managed to pick up their Soru technique after seeing it just once.

In his fight against Blueno, Luffy mentioned how he noticed that they move their feet much faster than normal people, and thanks to his Devil Fruit's clever usage, he created Gear Second.

5 When He Created Gear Third To Deal Heavy Damage To His Enemies

Some of the biggest assets of Luffy in his fights are his Gears. Invented by him during the Enies Lobby arc, Luffy debuted Gear Second to showcase his excessive speed against Blueno, and later, he came up with Gear Third to blow away his enemies with his excessive strength.

Gear Third sees Luffy make clever usage of his Devil Fruit and come up with fighting techniques capable of blowing away the strongest of enemies.

4 When He Covered Boa Sandersonia's Back To Hide The Slave Tattoo

Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold fought against Luffy during the Amazon Lily arc of One Piece and being Haki users, they were able to overpower him in his base form. As soon as Luffy utilized Gear Second, however, they could no longer keep track of him and ended up losing.

In an accident, Boa Sandersonia's slave tattoo was made visible and Luffy used his body to prevent the people of the country from seeing it, once again displaying a great level of maturity outside combat.

3 When He Developed The Various Forms Of Gear Fourth In Ruskaina During The Time-Skip

Luffy trained under Rayleigh for a year and a half at Ruskaina and developed another Gear to help him overpower the tough enemies of the New World. Gear Fourth: Bounceman debuted against Doflamingo and managed to completely overwhelm him in combat.

Tankman was used to defeat Cracker, while Snakeman was used to overcome Charlotte Katakuri, the strongest of the Three Sweet Commanders of Big Mom.

2 When He Fought Katakuri & Figured Out Future Sight In Less Than A Day

Luffy and Katakuri clashed against each other in the Mirror World and engaged in an incredible battle that lasted for over twelve hours. Thanks to Katakuri's Observation Haki, he was able to see the future and thus evade everything that Luffy threw his way.

Luffy managed to learn how to see the future within those twelve hours and by the end of the arc, he defeated Katakuri, yet again showing how much of a genius he is in battle.

1 When He Mastered Advanced Ryou In Less Than 2 Weeks During The Wano Country Arc

The concept of Ryou was introduced during the Wano Country arc of One Piece. Essentially, Ryou is what Haki is to the rest of the One Piece world. The main difference between the two is the ability to flow and attack from a distance with minimal waste of energy output.

Luffy learned this power in Udon but surprisingly, he even manages to advance this power further and learn internal destruction Haki, which allows him to hurt even Kaido.

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One Piece: Luffy's First 10 Victories (In Chronological Order)

Monkey D. Luffy was the main protagonist of the One Piece story and the unlikely savior of many of anime's denizens. Though his strength has increased considerably as the story progressed, his earliest wins reflect the progress he has made.

By the time he had concluded his exploits on the East Blue, the Straw Hat captain had accumulated a reasonably high bounty for his victories over other pirates. By identifying his earliest triumphs, we can better appreciate the many ways in which he has touched the lives of others through his heroism.

10 Alvida Was A Loudmouthed Menace With No Special Abilities

Alvida was the first opponent for Luffy to have ever fought and defeated. Her iron mace made her a terror and legend on the East Blue, especially for the strength she commanded.

However, Monkey's rubber body made him immune to her blunt attacks. When she was defeated and forcibly launched from her ship, her crew gaped in awe. After this humiliation, Alvida would acquire the Slip-Slip fruit, joining Buggy's crew and vowing to meet the Straw Hat pirate again one day.

9 Ax-Hand Morgan Was A Self Absorbed Tyrant

Ax-Hand Morgan was a marine who captured and tortured Zoro for his insolence. Since he could not defeat the swordsman through his own merits, he coerced him into surrendering by threatening the local populace.

Obsessed with his own image, Morgan attempted to erect a gigantic statue in his likeness so that all might appreciate it. When Luffy arrived to defeat him and free his new cremate, the monument to his ego would come crashing down, and Morgan would be arrested shortly after. He was the first Marine villain who Monkey fought and defeated.

8 Buggy The Clown Was The Enemy Devil Fruit User Luffy Faced

Buggy the Clown terrorized Orange Town and hoarded a copious amount of riches. This attracted Nami's attention, who would soon become the navigator for the Straw Hat pirates.

While Luffy was immune to blunt attacks, Buggy was immune to sharp ones (since he could disperse his body into slices at will). Along with the minions he commanded, this made him a decent challenge for the aspiring captain - even if he would be decisively beaten regardless of his advantages. His first run-in with the protagonist cost him much of his limbs and scattered his crew across the East Blue. They would later have a tearful reunion and vow revenge against the man who separated them.

7 Captain Kuro Nearly Butchered An Entire Town

Captain Kuro was a butler for Miss Kaya, a sickly woman in Syrup Village and an interest of Usopp. He spent several years in her service, growing closer to her so that he might one day claim her life and fortune. To eliminate evidence of his plot, he also intended to butcher the peasantry so that they could not report his actions to the Marines.

Providentially, Luffy was able to defeat him in spite of the fact that his claws capitalized on Luffy's vulnerability to sharp objects. His victory won Usopp to his crew.

6 Don Krieg Was A Sinister Veteran Of The Grand Line

Don Krieg was a veteran of the Grand Line infamous for his underhanded tactics and many weapons. His fleet was decimated by Mihawk after drawing his ire, forcing him to prey upon the hospitality of Zeff in order to regain his bearings.

Once he had, he unleashed his pirates on the restaurant and caused considerable destruction. While Luffy was able to defeat him, he sank beneath the sea for what injuries were sustained in the battle.

5 Arlong Was A Conniving Fish Man Who Held Nami's Village Hostage

Arlong was a Fish Man who held Nami's village hostage, using it as leverage over her in order to guarantee her loyalty and navigational prowess. He manipulated her into collecting money to purchase her peoples' release, unwilling to make good on his word.

When Luffy arrived to confront the villain at Arlong Park, the battle that ensued was harrowingly close. Capable of shrugging off a point-blank attack from Zoro and crushing cannonballs in his jaws, the Fish Man's strength and durability were nearly unbeatable at the time.

4 Luffy Escaped From Smoker & Buggy At Loguetown

Loguetown was the place where Gol D. Roger was executed. During Luffy's visit, Buggy and Alvida captured him, attempting to claim his life through an ironic execution.

Captain Smoker watched from the distance, allowing the pirates to quarrel among themselves. Once an unnatural storm assisted in Luffy's escape, neither the criminals nor the marines were capable of recapturing him. It was a providential miracle for the Straw Hats, though their captain remained equally reckless in future journeys.

3 Luffy Defeated Eric & Saved An Ancient Race Of Dragons

Eric was a mercenary contract to the Marines who would later betray them in order to acquire Dragonite for himself. By drinking its distilled essence, he hoped to make himself immortal.

Though the bounty hunter's Sickle-Sickle fruit provided a perfect counter to Luffy (with slicing ranged attacks that capitalized on his opponent's rubber body), the Straw Hat captain nonetheless struck him down and saved his ancient allies. Eric would stow away on the Going Merry and ambush them as they entered the Grand Line, only to be ejected by Nami and presumably killed since he can't swim.

2 Galdino Was A Baroque Works Agent Strong Enough To Subdue Giants

Galdino (otherwise known as Mr. Three) was a talented Baroque Works agent known for his ability to manipulate situations to his advantage. By capitalizing on the feud between two giants, he managed to sedate both of them and nearly claimed their considerable bounties.

Were it not for Luffy's intervention, he would have turned Nami, Zoro, and Vivi into candlewax statues. After his defeat, he was fed to Crocodile's monsters in the Alabasta arc though would miraculously survive yet again.

1 Wapol Was The Despot Of Drum Kingdom Who Banished Its Doctors

Wapol was the leader of Drum Kingdom and a man obsessed with power. Understanding that he did not have the resources for complete military dominance, he instead banished every doctor in the nation, reserving twenty medics for his personal staff.

If anyone became sick, they would be forced to come to him in order for their ailments to be treated. Were it not for the Straw Hats' assistance (further supported by Chopper), he would have reclaimed his former castle alongside his sycophants and attempted to re-establish his rule.

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One Piece: 10 Best Fights In The Sky Island Arc, Ranked

The Sky Island arc was one of the longest and most riveting stories of the One Piece universe. It followed Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew's ascension into the clouds, where they sought to prove the legendary city of gold's existence and plunder the riches therein.

However, their mission did not go unopposed. God Eneru, his priest minions, and even the indigenous Shandorian warriors all fought against the heroes during their foray into the Upper Yard. The best fights of the Sky Island arc can truly shed a light on the storytelling genius behind it.

10 Luffy, Usopp, & Sanji Teamed Up To Defeat Satori

Satori was the guardian of the ordeal of spheres and arguably the weakest of Eneru's four priests. However, his precognitive ability (then referred to as Mantra) allowed him to predict the attacks of his enemies and rendered the man a more difficult adversary than his corpulent form might suggest.

Moreover, he has demonstrated a resistance to the backlash of impact dials, allowing him to employ it repeatedly against Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji. Ultimately, the cook would only be able to defeat him after his captain paralyzed his body by entrapping it in his elongated Gum-Gum limbs.

9 Wypur & Gan Fall Brought Down Shura

Shura flew on a winged beast and could emit jettisons of fire from his lance. They were devastating enough to obliterate the Going Merry, nearly ruining her beyond repair.

While Gan Fall may not have been able to defeat him through his own aerial prowess, Wyper succeeded where he failed. By overlapping impact dials and delivering a brutal compression to the villain's chest, Shura was slain in a single hit. It was an excellent demonstration of the Shandorian leader's ability despite his absence of Devil Fruit powers.

8 Zoro Used Creativity To Defeat Braham

Though much of Sky Island's conflict was against Eneru's forces, the Straw Hats and Shandorians clashed on several occasions. One of the memorable battles was between Zoro and Braham, a gunslinger who used blinding lights to disorient melee attackers.

By provoking the Shandorian and compelling him to come closer, Zoro was able to cut his adversary down after dodging dozens of bullets. It illustrated his adaptability in battle and the fact that he relies on more than brute strength and speed in order to find victory.

7 Zoro & Wypur's Battle Royale Against Ohm Was Multifaceted & Intense

Ohm was a treacherous opponent for the massive hound at his disposal. After surrounding his arena in impregnable barbed wire, it became a battle royale between all parties caught within his barrier (including Wyper, Zoro, himself, and even a giant snake).

Fortunately, the swordsman was victorious despite the villain's versatile metal attacks. Should he have failed, Roronoa would have forfeited more than his own life — Chopper would have also succumbed to his wounds from his previous battle with Gedatsu. Bizarrely, Zoro would discover that as well trained as Ohm's dog Holy may have been, he answered the commands of any who addressed him.

6 Chopper Single-Handedly Defeated Gedatsu

Gedatsu was Eneru's swamp priest and a man capable of conjuring noxious poison clouds. Despite Chopper's appalling failure against Shura, he was able to defeat his latest opponent through an ambitious application of his many forms.

While his punches were not powerful enough to knock the villain unconscious outright, they did submerge him beneath the clouds. Unable to pull himself free, Gedatsu would gradually vanish beneath the surface and was pacified for the rest of the arc.

5 Wyper's Fight Against Luffy Was A Battle Between Leaders

Wyper's battle against Luffy portrayed both leaders in a positive light. While the Straw Hat captain was initially able to deflect the barrage of traditional cannonballs that the Shandorian launched at him, he could not defend against his energy beams.

Despite the ferocity both combatants displayed, their fight would be interrupted, and neither of them dealt grievous harm to their opponent. This would allow both warriors to concentrate their full attention on bringing down Eneru — they each had their chance, but with varying success.

4 Nami Proved Herself Against Hotor & Kotori

Hotori and Kotori were the brothers of Satori, the priest who had been slain by the Straw Hats early into their foray of Upper Yard. Understanding their opponents' superior power, they ambushed Nami and Gan Fall aboard the Going Merry, hoping to capitalize on the wounds Eneru had dealt to Sanji and Usopp to finish their victims off.

However, Nami was able to defeat them through ingenuity, alertness, and the power of the impact dial. It was a brilliant display of the navigator's prowess and a rare instance where she saved crewmates more powerful than herself.

3 Nico Robin's Fight Against Yama Was Her First Meaningful Contribution To The Crew

Yama was the enormous commander of Eneru's forces and an inexorable juggernaut. He used his body weight as a weapon, crashing through the forest and destroying priceless artifacts that Nico Robin hoped to study.

Despite her diminutive stature and strength, she was able to defeat him through intelligence and the power of her Devil Fruit. By placing arms around his neck, she snapped it before hurling him off of a steep cliff. Yama was the first difficult opponent that Robin defeated by herself in service to the Straw Hats.

2 Eneru Had An Epic Battle Against An Unlikely Coalition

Once Eneru's "game" neared its conclusion, the only four participants left were Roronoa Zoro, Nico Robin, Wyper, and Gan Fall (with Nami cowering behind the ruins). Despite the God's unique physiology, the Shandorian was able to damage him by using a modified impact dial (since it harnessed the power of the sea, which Devil Fruits are naturally vulnerable to).

Much to the group's horror, this would be insufficient in overcoming their mutual adversary. By electrifying his body with timed shocks, Eneru was able to revive himself and eradicate his enemies with little effort.

1 Luffy Was The Only One Capable Of Defeating Eneru

Capable of reaching up to two hundred million volts, Eneru's raw power was unmatched by every other person in Sky Island. However, since Luffy's body is made of rubber, he provided the perfect counter to the villain's otherwise unbeatable body (especially since he could physically harm him).

While Monkey may have struggled to overcome the God on account of his heat-based attacks and gold manipulation, he eventually rode up Giant Jack with Nami, leaping from the sky and delivering the finishing blow with the large bauble attached to his arm. His victory saved all of Skypiea and earned the captain a large sum of treasure for his aid.

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10 One Piece Characters (& What Their Signature Pokémon Would Be)

Although fans have different reasons for loving the Pokémon franchise, many will attest to loving Pokémon for the adventures each game puts them through. Another franchise that exhibits a similar adventurous atmosphere is One Piece, which continues to excite fans worldwide.

Considering how both franchises delve into the kind-hearted, chaotic, and unraveling world of traveling to unknown territories, it wouldn't be farfetched to believe that these fans haven't intermingled with each other. Thus, it's improbable to argue that no one decided to pair up One Piece characters with specific Pokémon.

10 Luffy & Ambipom Would Be The Perfect Match Considering Both Loving Fighting With Extendable Limbs

Luffy is a well-rounded and caring individual that loves to help people who are suffering. Luffy also loves engaging with quirky individuals and loves adding new teammates to his crew whenever he feels it's necessary. Considering his values, Ambipom would be the prime candidate Luffy would choose as his signature Pokémon.

Ambipom is one of the strongest monkey Pokémon that adore humans and climbing trees in search of food. Kindness aside, Ambipom can provide Luffy with another powerful furry teammate as its species are known for attacking at quick speeds.

9 Zoro & Zacian Would Help Each Other Improve Their Swordsmanship

Although Dracule Mihawk is one of the best anime swordsmen ever, Zoro isn't someone worth messing with from his multitude of swordsman styles he's learned since One Piece's time skip. Further, if Zoro needed help or a sparring partner that'll help him improve his swordsmanship, he'd choose Zacian.

Zacian is a newly introduced legendary Pokémon in the franchise that can one-shot some Pokémon with a single strike, fly, create illusions, and travel quickly. Zacian can also transform into stone as a way to guard against enemy attacks.

8 Sanji Would Make Alcremie His Cooking Partner To Sprucing Up & Enhance The Flavor Of His Cooking

Not only is Alcremie a Galar region Pokémon that should exist, but its flavorful talent would make a perfect companion for Sanji, who loves cooking as much as he does women. In the Pokémon world, Alcremie's cream makes meals vastly delectable and convinces many chefs to have one to boost sales in their restaurants.

Sanji may not appreciate those that tarnish his food, but he doesn't mind being assisted by others, as shown in the scenes where he and Pudding are cooking a new wedding cake for Big Mom.

7 Nami & Meowth Would Love Each Other's Company Because Of Their Fondness For Shiny Items

Despite changing after joining Luffy's crew, Nami still harbors intent to become a wealthy person, as shown in many instances in the series where her eyes glow at the thought of cash. Although she's had some tough luck getting rich items on most occasions, Meowth would serve as her guide to the riches.

Regardless if she swiped Team Rocket's Meowth, a Pokémon that can speak to humans, or caught an ordinary one, Meowth's have a knack for tracking down shiny objects in the Pokémon world. This aspect alone would make Nami tolerate Meowth's jokes as long as it helps her secure some payment.

6 Usopp & Intellion Would Be The Ultimate Sniper Duo In The Series

Although Usopp is one of the most pessimistic anime characters of all time, he's shown that he can hold his own against some opponents thanks to his incredible sniping capabilities. Taking down some notable enemies like Mr. 4 and Sugar, Usopp has earned his mark among the others as an ally worth having in Luffy's crew.

To improve his skills, Usopp wouldn't hesitate to have Intellion work as his sniping partner. Intellion may look like a sleek water lizard, but it's capable of sniping opponents at Mach 3 speeds and is an intelligent Pokémon among many.

5 Ace Would Infernape's Fiery Spirit & Would Love Sparring With It On Occasions

Although Infernape's not one of the most dangerous Pokémon from generation four, its sheer power, speed, and endurance would entice Ace to want it as a partner. Infernape can engulf itself in flames and lay a beatdown with moves like Close Combat and Flare Blitz.

Moreover, Ace would respect having another companion around that can turn up the heat as much as he can in the anime. Not only would these two bond over because of their fiery nature, but Infernape would be an excellent sparring partner Ace could use to test his fire powers.

4 Blackbeard & Darkrai Love The Darkness And Making People Feel Miserable Wherever They Go

Despite one's knowledge of the series, there are many facts about Blackbeard some people wouldn't know. Whether it's the fact that he might be the only one with two devil fruits or that he has a unique logion, many fans may forget things about him considering how long the series has been going on.

What fans do know is that Blackbeard loves to surround himself in darkness and perform cruel acts on humanity whenever he feels it's necessary. These are reasons why Darkrai would be Blackbeard's Pokémon choice, considering how it can forcefully put creatures to sleep and terrorize them in their dreams.

3 Kaido Will Admire Giratina's Appearance, Strength, & Origin And Would Take It Under His Wing

Wano Country is turning out to be many fans' favorite arc since One Piece's time skip because of its stellar animation, storyline, and villains like Kaido. Kaido is prideful and attempted to end himself multiple times because he wanted to find a way to die.

Admiring strength and power, Kaido wouldn't mind choosing Giratina as his signature Pokémon, not only because it's a dragon, but because it symbolizes the values he adores, strength, and pride. Giratina's known for being banished into the distorted world for its violent behavior, and this attitude would be something that would interest Kaido in the long run.

2 Doflamingo Would Love Using Aromatisse's Horrid Stench To Cause Pain & Misery To His Foes

Doflamingo was one of Luffy's greatest villains, and someone Trafalgar Law had a vendetta toward because of what he did to his companion Corazon. Doflamingo's known for being a snarky, prideful, and arrogant individual that loves torturing people for amusement and will only cower in fear to those he feels are more powerful than him.

Further, Doffy's chaotic behavior would mesh well with Aromatisse for several reasons. The Aromatisse species love spewing foul odors from bodies that will cause many Pokémon to lose their minds. Although Doflamingo could have second thoughts about Aromatisse, its flamingo-looking design and power would draw him into it.

1 Akainu Would Use Groudon's Land Expansion Powers To Put An End To Pirates

Despite fans' hatred for the pain Akainu caused Luffy and his family, many note that he's a fleet admiral that means business and will do whatever it takes to make sure pirates pay for their crimes. He's stern and overly arrogant toward others even before his promotion and will restore order in any way he sees fit.

These characteristics from Akainu and the powers he holds would mesh well with Groudon as both characters dabble in magma-like abilities. Furthermore, Groudon's known for being able to expand continents, cause volcanic eruptions, and lay waste to its enemies. Considering how Akainu loves justice, it wouldn't be farfetched to think he wouldn't use Groudon's power to complete his goals.

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One Piece: 10 Times Zoro Was A Better Main Character Than Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro were two of the first Straw Hats introduced to the One Piece series. The former was the crew's intrepid—and often foolish—captain, while the latter was a hardened and merciless swordsman recognized as a pirate hunter.

Although Luffy has been presented as the anime's protagonist, there are many reasons—and instances—in which Zoro would have been a better fit. Through identifying the most glaring examples of when this was the case, we can better appreciate the many ways that the green-haired warrior has influenced the story.

10 Zoro Willingly Sacrificed Himself To Spare A Village

When Zoro was first introduced, he was the captive of Ax-Hand Morgan. While the tyrannical marine and his henchmen could never capture their quarry through conventional methods, he surrendered willingly after the nearby villagers were threatened and volunteered to be taken, prisoner.

Through his intervention, Luffy put both Roronoa and the local civilians at grave risk. Although the captain's actions ultimately produced better results, Zoro's were nuanced and more thoughtful for the lives of anyone other than his own. Monkey's reckless is especially glaring on account of his inexperience at the time.

9 Zoro Saved Chopper From Ohm

During the battle in Upper Yard, Zoro came face to face with Ohm, Eneru's last remaining high priest. His malleable iron rendered him the most deadly adversary of God's servants, though Roronoa could defeat him anyway.

In doing so, he saved the life of Chopper since he had been injured during his own battle against Gedatsu and could no longer resist his adversaries. If Zoro weren't there, The Straw Hats would have lost an excellent doctor and a loyal friend.

8 He Was The Only Straw Hat Able To Defeat Mr. One

Daz Bonez was also known as Mr. One—Crocodile's strongest agent. His devil fruit allowed him to make his body hard as steel, rendering him an impossible threat for Luffy to defeat at the time because he had not yet unlocked any of his gears and on account of his vulnerability to piercing attacks.

Even Zoro initially struggled since he had never cut through metal before. However, by defeating Mr. One, he displayed tremendous adaptability and capacity for improvement, excelling like a traditional anime hero.

7 He Stood Up To Mihawk Despite Being Outclassed

Zoro's aggressive ambition in becoming the greatest swordsman in the world became prevalent early after the series began. With Don Krieg arriving at the Baratie and Mihawk close behind, Roronoa challenged the latter for the right to claim himself as the world's strongest warrior.

Predictably, his defeat was swift and brutal. However, Zoro refused to relent until he was physically unable to continue the battle, bearing a massive scar across his torso that he would maintain for the rest of his life. The hero's drive to fulfill his dreams greatly surpasses that of the ship's captain.

6 Zoro Defeated Hatchan Despite His Injuries

Hatchan was a member of Arlong's pirates who wielded many swords, each over three hundred pounds. Considering his competence at using them and Luffy's natural vulnerability to piercing attacks, as well as an absence of blades by which to defend himself. He was almost as formidable of a threat as his captain.

Even though he was still recovering from the injuries Mihawk dealt, Zoro could fight the squid-like villain and defeat him. This illustrated a tremendous amount of tenacity, selflessness, and loyalty to his friends.

5 Zoro Defied Eneru Despite His Godlike Power

Zoro was one of the few heroes remaining to pose a threat against Eneru, passing his trial where almost everyone had failed—including Luffy since a great snake swallowed him.

While he was ultimately unsuccessful in ripping apart the god's electric body, his courage allowed Wyper an opportunity to deal meaningful damage against him through the power of the impact dials. Should he not have been present for the fight, the other combatants may have suffered more severely or even died because Luffy wasn't there to protect them.

4 He Put Aside His Rivalry With Sanji To Defeat Foxy's Henchmen

During the Davy Back Fight Foxy issued to Luffy, Sanji and Zoro were forced to work together to overcome the ostentatious pirate's designated crew. In addition to having a perfect win streak until that point, the game's referee was also partial to the home team.

Not only was Zoro able to overcome his larger foes despite his many disadvantages, he simultaneously put aside his rivalry with Sanji to do so. This illustrated a willingness to levy his friends before his pride, which Luffy struggled with during the same arc.

3 Zoro Advocated For Gender Equality To His Master

Koushirou was Zoro's former mentor and Kuina's rival. Despite the many ways he helped Roronoa excel as a swordsman, his antiquated views on gender were a palpable character flaw.

With the way the young hero was progressing, he intended to make him his heir rather than Kuina—despite her superior performance at the time. Zoro himself would object to this, especially after her death. This displayed maturity at a young age and nobility becoming of his character.

2 Zoro Has Reliably Been More Mature & Stable Than Luffy

When measuring the worthiness and achievements of Zoro, it's impossible not to compare the innate qualities of his personality as contrasted to his captain. Roronoa may not be particularly garrulous, though his superb judgment rarely errs.

Conversely, Luffy is extremely reckless and willing to put both himself and his allies in harm's way to chase an ephemeral goal or even placate his own pride. An example of this can be found through the games against Foxy, where he staked the crew's entire future—and lineage—because of his own irresponsibility.

1 Zoro Held His Own Against Two CP9 Agents

Zoro's predicament in Enies' Lobby was even more difficult than many of the other characters. He fought two CP9 agents simultaneously, but he also did so with Usopp tethered unwillingly to his arm.

This was a feat that arguably surpassed even Luffy considering that he was only forced to contend with Lucci. It is especially true since he was not as debilitated through Usopp's whimpering and squirming. Roronoa's battle against Jabra and Kaku remains one of the most thrilling encounters of the arc.

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