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10 Important Lessons Boruto Taught Naruto

In the Boruto era, Naruto has grown past the young boy he was while growing up. It's understandable, as he needed to become an adult to lead the Hidden Leaf. Becoming the Konoha Hokage was his dream, but it required a lot of responsibility and time.

Admittedly, Naruto has struggled with dedicating major pieces of himself to the job and while he's done a great job, he's had to face challenges along the way. Luckily, Boruto has been around to educate him on pertinent matters. Here are some of the biggest lessons Naruto learned from his son.

10 Naruto Needed to Keep Being a Rebel

Boruto Taught Him Not to Lose the Fire Inside

Naruto became a corporate suit. He was about diplomacy, politics, ambassadorship and paperwork. However, he sometimes let the other Kages walk over him. Gaara was the only one who stuck up for Naruto. Boruto had many missions and big victories over the likes of Isshiki.

As he became more experienced, he warned his father that invasions and new wars had the Kages making big decisions that could jeopardize innocents. Naruto needed to push back. It was seen in the Toneri fight as well, where they wanted to blow the moon up. That would have killed Naruto and Hinata. Thankfully, Naruto has shown more spine thanks to Boruto's words of wisdom. He didn't break rules, but he bent them like Kakashi taught him to. It brought this trifecta full-circle, because Boruto learned a lot from Kakashi, too.

9 Naruto Learned to Fire Back at Konoha's Council

The Elders Sometimes Doubted the Seventh Hokage

Boruto also had to enlighten Naruto on the elders who govern the Hidden Leaf. Many times they kept treating Naruto as a pawn, and honestly, a kid. Boruto reminded his father to be the boss and let them know he had a vision. Being assertive was a major part of the position.

Boruto saw the rebel in Naruto in the Time Slip arc. So, he knows best that his father can be trusted to act on his own and make the right choices. Naruto fired back at the elders, using Boruto's passion as his fuel. This helped them bond more. Plus, it garnered Naruto a lot more respect in office, with his seniors treating him like an adult at long last.

8 Naruto Had to Push Shikamaru More

Shikamaru Didn't Want the Hokage Job

Shikamaru was a lazy teen -- spoiled, bratty and hating responsibility. He eventually acted as Naruto's advisor. But Boruto pushed his father to push Shikamaru. Boruto saw a sage there who could lead, while Konohamaru and Mirai garnered their own experience.

Naruto did just that, which is why, in his absence, Shikamaru is now acting as the interim Hokage. Shikamaru remained grateful to Boruto for believing in him. It led to them having a secret alliance in the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex era, as Shikamaru tries to help break the brainwashing of Konoha. He is full of confidence, and a lot had to do with Naruto using Boruto's words to help Shikamaru evolve.

7 Naruto Needed a Talk No Jutsu Pep Talk

Boruto Proved the Redemption Chat Still Works

As Naruto got older, parts of him became somewhat cynical. He pondered if the new era villains would still be susceptible to the Talk No Jutsu. This involved the iconic redemption speech he used so many times in the Narutoand Naruto Shippuden era.

Boruto liked the pacifist message as well. He used it against enemies like Sumire. He got them to atone and made it clear to his father that this tactic of humanity, empathy and compassion was still a viable option. They must keep believing in the best in people, no matter what. It's why Boruto won't ever give up on Kawaki.

6 Naruto Got Wisdom About Technology

Boruto Helped Naruto With Progressive Thinking

Naruto initially didn't like how scientific tools were being used. He was skeptical that they could become shortcuts and stop shinobi from working hard. A lot had to do with Boruto cheating using them in the Chunin Exams.

In time, Boruto showed the benefits, and how they accentuated ninjutsu. This helped Naruto warm to Katasuke and the science team even more. It ended with Konoha becoming more forward-thinking and progressive. Boruto's mentality continuously inspired Naruto to embrace change and the future. This bridged the generational gap and helped Konoha turn into a more diversified locale.

5 Naruto Needed to Elevate Sasuke More

Boruto Taught His Father About PR

Boruto became a media darling. He knew how to deal with PR and become a celebrity based on his achievements in the field, as well as his lineage. He educated his father on this, and got him to promote Sasuke more as well.

Folks like Shikamaru were nihilistic about Sasuke's redemption. But Naruto stood up for Sasuke more, even against the council and the Kages. Boruto knew that once the public saw Naruto touting Sasuke as a new era hero and Ranger, they'd all buy in. It was a clever tactic that worked. Naruto was relieved because he always wanted people to view Sasuke the way he does. And to believe the Uchiha Clan can be reborn in a more altruistic light.

4 Naruto Needed to Trust the Youth

Naruto Was Hesitant For a Bit

Naruto was reluctant to trust the new generation, such as Sarada, Inojin and Shikadai. It's not that they were incapable or incompetent. He was just worried about putting them into the military and them becoming weapons. Especially after the dark days of the ANBU and Root in Konoha.

Boruto got his father to believe more in the youngsters, though. Sure, the era of peace and order could be upended by chaos. But that's life. Boruto reminded Naruto he couldn't control everything. This led to the chunin and genins getting more important missions and showing Naruto their worth.

3 Naruto Learned to Love Hinata More

The Hokage Needed To Be a Better Husband

Naruto fought hard to save Hinata from Toneri and then marry her. But as time passed, he became so tired from the job, his gestures felt perfunctory. He even sent his clones home for birthday parties, which came off negligent and ungrateful. After the Time Slip arc, Boruto was adamant his father be more romantic.

Seeing young Naruto and Hinata in puppy love warmed his heart. After this chat, Naruto remembered the spark and that life was too fleeting to put the village before his soulmate. Hinata could be gone in an instant if some other villain attacked the Hidden Leaf. He showed Hinata a lot more love thereafter, which inspired Boruto to be a better person, himself. The Uzumaki clan remembered love was the greatest thing on Earth.

2 Naruto Needed to Be a Better Father

Himawari Required More Attention

Boruto didn't mind Naruto neglecting him. But he needed his father to pay more attention to his little sister, Himawari. She had the Uzumaki and Hyƫga bloodlines in her. Boruto also sensed more power in her than in him.

Naruto got the message and worked on training her more. He realized he needed to show her what a male role model was. Boruto came off like the parent here, imparting immense more knowledge to Naruto. It's ironic, because Himawari now has Kurama inside her, suggesting Naruto will have to help her hone her skills even more down the line.

1 Naruto Had to Remember His No-Kill Code

Boruto Almost Saw His Father Discard the Policy

Naruto stuck by the adoption of Kawaki, even when his council warned him that was a mistake. Kawaki was a more dangerous Sasuke, but Naruto thought he'd show him the light via the concept of family. Only for Kawaki to kill Boruto to ensure Momoshiki didn't possess Naruto's son and destroy Konoha.

Boruto was resurrected by the alien, though. He then had to remind a Naruto who almost lost his will and spirit that the moral and ethical line should never be crossed. Boruto was adamant they could redeem Kawaki. It is why, even after Kawaki imprisoned Naruto and Hinata, and took over the village through Eida's spell, Boruto believes he can bring him back to the light. Boruto reminded Naruto about hope over duty, so he can't be a hypocrite and ever lose that code in the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex era.

10 Important Lessons Boruto Taught Naruto