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Is Luffy Stronger Than Zoro? & 9 Other Questions About The Straw Hats, Answered

The Straw Hat Pirates are a crew led by Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece and a fearsome pirate of the Worst Generation who hails from the East Blue. Luffy aims to be the King of the Pirates, and while his crew dedicates their lives to see him accomplish this dream, they also have dreams of their own.

With their characters getting more nuanced as the story progresses toward its end, more depth is added to them, and consequently, more questions about them arise in the minds of the fans.

10 Is Luffy Stronger Than Zoro? Luffy Is The Strongest Member Of The Crew Right Now

Luffy, the captain of the crew, is the strongest of the lot currently. After the events of Whole Cake Island, Luffy gained infamy by beating two of the Sweet Commanders and fighting Big Mom, acquiring a very high bounty in the process.

In Wano, Luffy has become much stronger and has learned all the three types of Haki in their advanced forms. Zoro, while strong, doesn't have what it takes to beat Luffy.

9 Who Is The Fastest Member Of The Straw Hat Pirates? Luffy & Sanji Stand Out Among Those Who Excel In Speed

Different members of the crew excel in different things and when it comes to speed, the fastest that the crew has are Luffy, Sanji, and Brook. Although Brook would be the fastest in a 50-meter race, including the power-ups of Luffy and Sanji, he would stand no chance.

Luffy, with the speed of Snakeman, is incredibly fast and can even match Charlotte Katakuri. Meanwhile, Sanji has the power of the Raid Suit to boost his speed to a sky-high level.

8 How Many Straw Hat Pirates Are Devil Fruit Users? Four Members Of The Crew Have Eaten Devil Fruits

The Straw Hat Pirates have a total of four Devil Fruit users on board, starting from their captain, Monkey D. Luffy, who has eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Chopper, the doctor of the crew, has the powers of the Hito Hito no Mi.

Nico Robin, the archaeologist of the crew, ate the Hana Hana no Mi at a very young age and Brook, the musician of the crew, has the Yomi Yomi no Mi which brought him back to life once.

7 How Many Straw Hat Pirates Use Haki? Five Members Of The Crew Wield Haki

After the two-year time skip, the Straw Hat Pirates have become much stronger and are ready to face the threat of the New World with greater powers, such as Haki.

So far, a total of five crew members wield Haki and only two wield all of its three types in Luffy and Zoro. Those who wield two types include Sanji and Jinbe. Meanwhile, Usopp has access to just Observation Haki.

6 What Is The Collective Bounty Of The Straw Hat Pirates? Their Total Bounty Surpasses 3 Billion Berries

The Straw Hat Pirates have made their way up to the top quite quickly and are now recognized as one of the strongest pirate crews in the entire world with Luffy as their captain.

The total bounty of the crew stands at 3,161,000,000 berries, which is quite an incredible number. Luffy amounts for almost half of this with his 1.5 billion berries bounty.

5 Is Vivi A Part Of The Straw Hats? Vivi Is A Former Member Of The Straw Hat Pirates

Princess Vivi of Alabasta joined the Straw Hat Pirates during the Whiskey Peak arc and then traveled with them to Little Garden, Drum Island, and finally to the kingdom of Alabasta.

While her time with the Straw Hat Pirates was incredible, she had responsibilities of her own in her country which made her stay behind. Vivi will, however, always be a former part of the Straw Hats with the potential to join again in the future.

4 Has Any Straw Hat Ever Killed An Opponent? Zoro Is The Only Member Of The Crew Who Has Killed In A Fight

Several members of the Straw Hat Pirates are known to have killed others, such as Nico Robin, who specializes in assassinations, or Jinbe, who served the Ryugu Army and certainly would've killed some during his time there.

However, in serious combat as a Straw Hat, only Roronoa Zoro is known to have killed his opponent. Zoro did this when Crocodile attempted to recruit him for the Baroque Works, and Mr. 7 was the guy he sliced apart in that fight.

3 Do The Straw Hat Pirates Have A First Mate? As Of Now, They Don't Have A First Mate

The Straw Hat Pirates don't have a First Mate as of now. While many folks, such as Bartolomeo, believe Roronoa Zoro to be the First Mate, the crew officially doesn't have one.

That's certainly not to say they never will have one. It is highly likely that at some point in the future, Zoro could be recognized as the First Mate of the Straw Hat Pirates but that moment hasn't arrived yet.

2 Who Has The Highest Bounty In The Crew? Monkey D. Luffy Has The Highest Bounty In The Straw Hat Pirates

Out of all the members of the crew, Luffy's bounty is known to be the highest. After defeating Charlotte Katakuri and wrecking Big Mom's Tea Party, Luffy acquired great infamy.

Thanks to a bit of help from Big News Morgans, Luffy earned himself a bounty of 1.5 billion berries and came to be recognized as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea.

1 Who Is The Most Intelligent Member Of The Crew? The Straw Hats Have Many Intelligent Members

When it comes to intelligence lots of Straw Hat Pirates shine and they include the likes of Tony Tony Chopper, who is a genius doctor, and Franky, who is an incredible shipwright with great knowledge of science.

Nico Robin is highly intelligent as she became a scholar at quite a young age, while Nami can read the weather like no other. Sanji is also an incredibly smart strategist, often relying on his wits in combat.

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